Nature in the city

Raising public awareness

Plantations sur l'esplanade de La Défense mai 2022 © Sabrina Budon

Nature is everyone's business! Paris La Défense is conducting a policy of activities and events around urban ecology to appeal to residents, students and employees of the district.

Indeed, we believe that we have a duty to raise awareness and educate users who want to understand our choices in terms of vegetation. These actions include the deployment of information panels where you can discover the projects of Paris La Défense, their interests, as well as the choices in terms of plant palettes or landscape treatments.

Raising awareness among the youngest...

Atelier plantations sur l'esplanade de La Défense mai 2022 © Constance Decorde

In addition, educational planting workshops are regularly organized with the nearest schools. During these events, our partners and green space managers accompany us by explaining to the children the different species of plants and their specificities, as well as how to plant them. A good way to raise awareness among the younger generation and to get them involved in the greening of the neighborhood!

... and the not so young!

Atelier apiculture dans Vive les Groues © La Fabrique qui pique

The biodiversity present in the area is also used as an educational tool for discovery and initiation for employees and local residents.

This is the case for the beehives that have taken up residence on the roof of the Paris La Défense Arena, which houses three of them, while five others have found their place on the Euronext and Allianz Acacia buildings.

But also in the urban garden Vive Les Groues with the association La Fabrique qui Pique which invites to discover the fascinating world of beekeeping and to taste tasty honey products or to participate in workshops of manufacture of beauty products.

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