Nature in the city

Growing in the city

Potager RTE de la terrasse de l'immeuble Window octobre 2021 © Augustin Detienne

For several years now, gardens have been flourishing on the ground, floors and roofs of the business district. To meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century and develop a pleasant and sustainable city for its users, the lever of culture in the city has also been activated. Thus, neglected urban spaces are gradually being transformed into real gardens where everyone can enjoy a plant break and grow their own vegetables and flowers.

Shared gardens

Born from the impulse of Paris La Défense to create convivial spaces transforming the district into a place of life, three shared gardens have been created by the public establishment since 2016. But before we review them, do you know what a shared garden is? A shared garden is a living space open to the neighborhood. It allows for cultivation while respecting the environment and helps maintain biodiversity in the city. But that's not all! Shared gardens offer everyone a return to their roots, associated with moments of sharing and relaxation, but also to relearn, through the land, how to live in community.

In other words, small bubbles preserved from the rhythm of life inherent to the business district!

  • Le jardin des Reflets, open since 2016 at Place des Reflets

Jardin partagé des Reflets mai 2022 © Constance Decorde

Learn more about the shared Jardin des Reflets

  • Le Jardin des Continents, located within the Terrasses Boieldieu, delivered in 2018

Jardin partagé des Continents juin 2019 © Carlos Ayesta

Learn more about the shared Jardin des Continents

  • Le Jardin Suspendu, also located on the Terrasses Boieldieu (facing the W tower), and open since 2019

Jardin partagé Suspendu mai 2022 © Constance Decorde

Learn more about the shared Jardin Suspendu

To join the shared gardens of Paris La Défense

The three shared gardens are open to residents (children are welcome!) and employees upon registration and without obligation:

Vive Les Groues

Vive Les Groues à Nanterre novembre 2021 © Augustin Detienne

Vive les Groues is a 5-year occupation project of a 9,000 m² wasteland in Nanterre. Its objective is to accompany the spectacular transition that the Groues district will undergo in the coming years, notably through the cultivation of an urban horticultural nursery.

Vive Les Groues offers everyone the opportunity to come and garden in its urban garden, or to use the freely accessible composter to deposit their green waste.

Learn more about Vive Les Groues

Green in the towers

Potager RTE sur la terrasse de l'immeuble Window octobre 2021 © Augustin Detienne

The companies of Paris La Défense are not to be outdone and invest their roofs or terraces to plant and cultivate!

This is the case, in particular, of RTE, installed in the Window building, which benefits from a beautiful green terrace overlooking the forecourt of La Défense, and housing a 10 m² vegetable garden. A hundred or so employees, registered with the Club Potager, are invited to participate in its upkeep during regular workshops to practice sowing, planting, picking, watering, wintering... while the vegetable garden and the terrace remain open to all, with free access.

Other towers have integrated green spaces for the comfort of their employees. In the most emblematic examples, the D2 tower has a magnificent rooftop garden. In the Carpe Diem tower, it is below the lobby that the vegetation is displayed. In the Trinity tower, there are vegetated terraces on several floors, open to the business district.

In the same way, commercial complexes, like Oxygen at the bottom of the La Défense esplanade, offer their clients the opportunity to have lunch or a drink on green terraces.

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