Nature in the city

What if business district rhymes with vegetation ? Developing the place of nature in the city is the ambitious goal of Paris La Défense, and it's quite a program!

You may be surprised, but Paris La Défense is no longer a concrete district. If you still doubt it, here are some figures to convince you:

  • Paris La Defense has created more than 8,365 sq.m of green space in 2018;
  • The territory now has 37 hectares of green areas;
  • Today, 35% of the district's pedestrian area is planted.

Another very concrete example of the transformation of the district with the aim of improving the living environment for all, while creating links: four shared gardens are in operation on the territory. Would you like to find out more about the actions of Paris La Défense? Then follow the guide!

Photo gallery of the gardens

  • Greening the concrete © Carlos Ayesta
  • Practicing adaptive management © 11h45
  • © Carlos Ayesta

Our ambitions

  • Greening and flowering the concrete

It probably didn't escape you, Paris La Défense is a territory apart. Its historic heart is designed on slabs and therefore poses many challenges in terms of the greening of these spaces. For good reason, there is no access to the natural ground, which does not allow nature to take back its rights. Thus, for a planted tree, one must take into account its weight, its rooting and its ability to survive in a mineral environment. In short, it's a madman's job!

In order to meet the ecological ambitions of Paris La Défense, an action plan will be developed taking into account the technical constraints of the district. Thus, ecologists, environmental technicians and hydrologists are now contributing, alongside landscape designers, to the green development of Paris La Défense.

  • Practicing management adapted to each green space

In order to apply the right treatments to plants, Paris La Défense applies the principle of differentiated management. The benefit? To avoid intensive maintenance and to favour a panel of adapted treatments: manual weeding, reduction of artificial watering in favour of rainwater recovery,... In order to better know these spaces, the characteristics of the soil and the slab, Paris La Défense has started an important work of data collection.

Next step ? Obtaining the Eco Garden Label, which rewards and attests to the ecological quality of the management of green spaces.

  • Growing in the city

Since 2016, four shared gardens have been created in Paris La Défense. But before we go through them, do you know what a shared garden is?

A shared garden is a living space open to the neighborhood. It allows you to cultivate while respecting the environment and helps to maintain biodiversity in the city. But that's not all! Shared gardens offer everyone a return to their roots associated with moments of sharing and relaxation, but also to relearn, through the land, how to live as a community. Small bubbles preserved from the rhythm of life inherent to the business district!

Here are the existing shared gardens:

  • Preserving natural habitats and species

Paris La Défense intends to deploy green and blue screens throughout its territory. How will this be done? By creating green cycle paths, pedestrian links, planted streets, parks and gardens, of course! These spaces will, among other things, reduce the amount of rainwater discharged into the sewers and promote infiltration into the soil and its absorption by plants. They will also help lower temperatures during heat waves. And yes! Plants release water vapour into the air. Nature is well done, isn't it?

  • Educating the public

The return of nature is everyone's business! Paris La Défense is therefore pursuing a sustained policy of events and activities on the theme of ecology to appeal to local residents, students and employees in the neighbourhood. Indeed, we feel that we have a duty to raise awareness and educate users who want to understand our choices in terms of vegetalisation. These actions involve the deployment of information panels where you can discover our projects, their interests, as well as the choices in terms of vegetation or landscape treatment.

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