Fight against great precariousness

Work by Titwane from the exhibition "A Life Under the Slab" at Notre-Dame de Pentecôte Church © Titwane

Grow solidarity!

Reception, housing, social integration or help in finding employment,... Paris La Défense has a heart and continues to implement solidarity actions in order to make users aware of the issue of great precariousness, and to encourage them to act together to help the most disadvantaged. Amélie Groffier, CSR Manager at Paris La Défense explains "At Paris La Défense, we are convinced that we can commit ourselves to these causes by uniting and involving the mixed community of employees, residents and students around values of solidarity and sustainability. »

The public establishment acts by supporting neighbourhood associations and creating synergies between them to improve the daily lives of people wandering around the area in order to make Paris La Défense a more inclusive neighbourhood. In addition, it supports local solidarity networks with shopkeepers, food trucks, employees, residents, students, ... Because we are all concerned!

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