La Défense des Aliments

Together against food waste

The report is final. Food waste represents on average 15% of edible food thrown away per day. At the business district level, the estimate is 6 to 9 tons of food wastage per day...

Faced with this alarming observation, five companies in the Paris La Défense business district (Allianz, Arpège, Eurest, Mazars and SUEZ) have taken up the challenge of reducing food waste in their company restaurants. Mobilized and grouped together in an association under the French law of 1901, "La Défense des Aliments" was created on January 26, 2018.

The Board of Directors is made up of these founding members but, since its creation, 13 new members have decided to join the movement! To give you an idea, the initiative now involves 22 restorers in 17 towers. Not bad, isn't it?

Welcome to the new members!

  • Société Générale
  • MRS Groupe
  • Foncia IPM
  • ID restauration
  • Exalt
  • Elior Entreprises SAS
  • Sodexo Entreprises
  • Engie
  • Grouping RIE Carpe Diem
  • InVivo group
  • Châteauform' (in the CNIT)
  • Société Générale Assurances

The association is also supported by Paris La Défense, whose ambition is to federate all the players in the business district to collectively fight against all forms of food waste. How can this be done? By sharing best practices and setting up shared actions to strengthen the influence of these experiments in and beyond the business district.

This initiative is unprecedented and pioneering in a district such as Paris La Défense. It is part of a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach. This commitment was formalised by the founding members of the association and Paris La Défense with the signing of a charter to fight against food waste on 7 December 2018. The new members of the association signed it on 16 October last. Amélie Groffier, CSR Manager at Paris La Défense explains: "The challenge was to bring together as many players as possible to quantify waste, share best practices, ideas and feedback on the scale of company restaurants".


La Défense des Aliments will not stop there and continues its roadmap for the new year. Four flagship actions, already carried out in 2019, make it up:

  1. Recruiting new companies
  2. Set up thematic working groups
  3. Organize an annual conference
  4. Organize a joint awareness-raising operation on 16 October for World Food Day and national day to combat food waste.

In 2020, the challenge is to spread the approach with the establishment of an observatory to combat food waste. Why is this happening? Quite simply to bring together more players in the neighbourhood, to have a better understanding of waste and to combat it more effectively.

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