Les Extatiques 2022

Les Extatiques at La Seine Musicale

Les Extatiques 2022 visuel dossier

For the fourth time, Les Extatiques are installed at La Seine Musicale, where the Department of Hauts-de-Seine exhibits the works of five artists around the theme of life on the roof-garden and the square of this cultural emblem of the department.

Free exhibition in the public space and in the Bellini Garden: Open every day from 11 am until nightfall (July: 11 am-10 pm, August: 11 am-9 pm, September until October 2: 11 am-8 pm).

The artists of the program

  1. VICTORIA KLOTZ - Les Hôtes du logis
  2. ELSA TOMKOWIAK – OUT/Codamela (la cascade) et OUT/Suite homochromique
  3. MARCUS COATES – Natural calender
  4. HENRIQUE OLIVEIRA - Desnatureza 5
  5. MARIE DENIS - Louise

Les Extatiques 2022 - map of the works at La Seine Musicale

1. VICTORIA KLOTZ - Les Hôtes du logis, 2013

Victoria Klotz - Les Hôtes du logis, 2013 © Victoria Klotz


Born in 1969. Lives and works in Bagnères-de-Bigorre.

A graduate of the Beaux-Arts, Victoria Klotz settled in the Pyrenees, focusing her practice on an experience of natural territories and animality. Curious about the encounters that men have with wild life, she is interested in the stories and myths that underlie them. Her interest in the thought of nature leads her to intervene in situ, within the framework of public commissions, in natural sites or urban spaces

The work for La Seine Musicale

The series of sculptures Les Hôtes du logis (Guests of the dwelling) unfolds throughout the course of the exhibition and features animal presences. While we consider the city as an essentially human territory, it is in reality an ecosystem also invested by animals. The animal species presented here, more real than natural, have the particularity of being commensal animals, that is to say associated with a different species - here humans - and taking advantage of its food without harming it. These surprising guests come to seek shelter and food from humans. They remind us that, from time immemorial, human beings and animals have cohabited and shared the public space.

Les Hôtes du logis, 2013
Mousse polyéthylène, bois, métal

2. ELSA TOMKOWIAK – OUT/Codamela (la cascade) et OUT/Suite homochromique, 2022

Elsa Tomkowiak - Projet pour les Extatiques 2022 © Elsa Tomkowiak


Born in 1981. Lives and works in Douarnenez.

Elsa Tomkowiak's works are offered as devices to experiment with, volumes to cross. Blurring the boundaries between painting and sculpture, the artist deploys her colored ranges in space. His installations stage clever collisions of frank and saturated colors. The energy of her gestures and the tools that extend them (brushes, brooms...) is all the more perceptible as it is often revealed by transparent materials that let the light pass through them.

The work for La Seine Musicale

Elsa Tomkowiak invests the back steps of the majestic staircase of La Seine Musicale by deploying the light spectrum. The colors accompany the spectator in his wandering and invite to a magical and changing chromatic experience.

OUT/ Codamela (la cascade), 2022
Vinyle, peinture

3. MARCUS COATES – Natural calender, 2022

Marcus Coates - Arrivals Departures © Jannes Linders


Born in 1968. Lives and works in London.

Much of Marcus Coates' work focuses on natural environments and their manifestations in our imagination. For him, the way we experience the natural world is fundamental to our attitudes and decision-making towards all life forms. His work seeks to test the perceptions that shape our cultural perspectives, at the expense of other species. The artist has a history of collaborating with people from a wide range of disciplines such as anthropologists, ornithologists, wildlife sound recordists, choreographers, politicians, psychiatrists, palliative care consultants, musicians, and primatologists.

The work for La Seine Musicale

The artist reactivates an emblematic piece entitled "Nature Calendar". This "nature calendar" compiles, thanks to the collaboration of researchers, amateur naturalists and citizen projects, the biodiversity news that occur in Paris and its surroundings during the three months of the edition. In a will to divert the principle of the news and the existing urban furniture, the artist broadcasts these news on the giant screen of La Seine Musicale as real time information, thus transforming the local natural events into real news essential to the understanding of our world.

Nature Calendar, 2022
Textes diffusés sur l’écran géant de La Seine Musicale

4. HENRIQUE OLIVEIRA - Desnatureza 5, 2022

Henrique Oliveira - Common Root, 2019 - Arte Sella, Italy © Courtesy Henrique Oliveira


Born in 1973. Lives and works in London.

Moving from the territories of architecture to those of sculpture, Henrique Oliveira's hybrid creations question the original nature of materials to redefine their ordinary uses. In his installations, the public is drawn into strange situations where the sculptural interventions mix and blur the boundaries between sensuality and discomfort. His works act as a contemporary mirror and reflect the position of human beings in their relationship with nature.

The work for La Seine Musicale

A new sculpture by Henrique Oliveira invests the Bellini garden of La Seine Musicale. Made of wood marquetry from recycled pallets, it creates the illusion of tree roots emerging from the ground to meet in a central node.

Desnatureza 5, 2022
Métal, papier mâché, bois de récupération

5. MARIE DENIS – Louise, 2022

Marie Denis - Courtesy Galerie Alberta Pane © ADAGP 2022


Born in 1972. Lives and works in Paris

Marie Denis' work is above all centered on the object and the way it can be reinvented. Her approach is also based on botanical principles. Her installations and sculptures are conceived from raw materials and other objects diverted from their usual cultural anchors. The artist likes to bend the rules to realize his visions; the kingdoms of nature embody his breadcrumb trail.

The work for La Seine Musicale

Marie Denis produces a new sculpture in homage to the great artist Louise Bourgeois. Entitled Louise, this metal sculpture takes the form of a chimera, a fabulous animal uniting two species in one. Here, flora meets fauna in an organism as beautiful as it is disturbing: half-ramid, half-spider. The legs of the spider, a direct reference to Louise Bourgeois, are like pistils that merge with the branches and foliage of which it is an integral part.

Louise, 2022

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