Les Extatiques 2022

Les Extatiques outside the walls in Courbevoie

Les Extatiques 2022 visuel dossier

For the first time, Courbevoie is hosting the Extatiques art walk in resonance with the city's flagship cultural event, Les Mots Libres. In the context of Les Extatiques, linking with the theme of the festival "Des Mots en l'air", synonymous with lightness and a common theme in 2022, two works are to be discovered.

Free exhibition in the public space.

The artists of the program

  1. MARCUS COATES – Natural calender
  2. MATTIA PACO RIZZI - Alfabeto

1. MARCUS COATES – Natural calender, 2022

Marcus Coates - Arrivals Departures © Jannes Linders


Born in 1968. Lives and works in London.

Much of Marcus Coates' work focuses on natural environments and their manifestations in our imagination. For him, the way we experience the natural world is fundamental to our attitudes and decision-making towards all life forms. His work seeks to test the perceptions that shape our cultural perspectives, at the expense of other species. The artist has a history of collaborating with people from a wide range of disciplines such as anthropologists, ornithologists, wildlife sound recordists, choreographers, politicians, psychiatrists, palliative care consultants, musicians, and primatologists.

The work for Courbevoie

The artist reactivates an emblematic piece entitled "Nature Calendar". This "nature calendar" compiles, thanks to the collaboration of researchers, amateur naturalists and citizen projects, the biodiversity news that occurs in Paris and its surroundings during the three months of the edition. In a will to divert the principle of the news and the existing urban furniture, the artist broadcasts these news on the giant screen of La Seine Musicale as real time information, thus transforming the local natural events into real news essential to the understanding of our world.

Nature Calendar, 2022
Texts diffused on the billboards of the event center and the city of Courbevoie, echoing the sites of Paris La Défense and La Seine Musicale.

2. MATTIA PACO RIZZI – Alfabeto, 2022

Alfabeto © Atelier Mattia Paco Rizzi


Born in 1983. Lives and works in Lyon.

Transversal and multidisciplinary, Mattia Paco Rizzi's practice operates a delicate alchemy between architecture and plastic arts, supported by a strong mastery of wood construction techniques. The artist devotes himself to architecture in its multiple forms, to design and to interventions in the public space, linked to an artistic approach, paying careful attention to technological details, to simple and effective solutions, to the reuse of materials. Mattia Paco Rizzi is driven by a dedication to craftsmanship and the desire to surprise, while going to the heart of the needs, through projects in situ.

The work for Courbevoie

The artist will install an alphabet sculpture, functional, practicable by the public on the square of the event center. Conceived in the context of the festival, ideograms take shape from lines that resemble letters, declined by artistic passion and scientific rigor, on a structure in volume close to urban furniture. To integrate into the esplanade, the installation reuses the existing benches as a structural base and is positioned in relation to the surrounding trees. The poly mirror used to create the alphabet reflects the surrounding world.

Alfabeto, 2022
Wood and polished mirror

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