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World Cleanup Day at Paris La Défense on Thursday 15 September 2022

  • On September 15, 2022
World Cleanup Day à Paris La Défense le jeudi 15 septembre 2022

Paris La Défense is hosting a large-scale waste collection operation on the occasion of World Cleanup Day. The objective for Paris La Défense: to mobilize and raise awareness among the territory's users so that they adopt the right gestures to preserve the environment. So whether you are in small groups, with your colleagues, your family, your friends, your neighbors or your students, come and clear the area of litter!

This worldwide movement was born from an alarming fact: the omnipresence of litter in our environment, as part of our daily lives. Beyond generating a negative impact on biodiversity, waste is found everywhere, even at the bottom of the oceans: 80% of waste found in the sea comes from the land, and a plastic bottle takes hundreds of years to degrade...

Observed and denounced all over the world, many actors organize local actions, synchronized and federated by the World Cleanup Day in a festive and educational way. Apart from collecting waste, the aim of this day is also to raise awareness by inviting participants to reflect on their daily consumption and the resulting creation of waste. Digital pollution is part of it, hence the importance of acting at all levels.

**The World Cleanup Day France association
The association was created to allow the deployment of this world day in France and counts hundreds of volunteers. It is supported by the international NGO Let's Do It World, born in Estonia in 2008, which has so far participated in 191 countries with, in 2021, the mobilization of 8.5 million participants worldwide and 53 K tons of waste collected. During the same edition in France, 158,000 people were mobilized for a volume of 615 tons and 2,070 m3 of waste collected.

The missions of the World Cleanup Day France :

  • mobilize, with the ambition to gather at least 3.5 million citizens on thousands of collection sites in metropolitan France and overseas ;
  • inform, to draw attention to the proliferation of litter and raise awareness to reduce the environmental impact;
  • preserve and fight against the ever-increasing volume of litter by changing our behavior and consuming differently.
    To learn more about the association World Cleanup Day

Practical information
At the foot of La Défense Grande Arche / Near the Takis basin
September 15, 2022, from 11 am to 3 pm