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Zombies come to La Défense from October 28 to 31, 2022

  • From October 28, 2022 to October 31, 2022
Les zombies débarquent à La Défense du 28 au 31 octobre 2022

For the first time, zombies are coming to Paris La Défense for Halloween to chase away anyone who tries to enter the uninhabited underground! In order to celebrate Halloween in a fun, scary and benevolent atmosphere, Paris La Défense welcomes Zomb'in The Dark, for a night orientation race in the former Coupole shopping mall, now unoccupied. For this new edition, each participant will have to choose a camp: the survivors who escaped the apocalypse or the zombies...

Alone or in teams, the survivors will have to explore this disused and darkened place. Their goal: To succeed in the mission and hope to integrate the remaining clan of humans on Earth. Lamp and compass in hand, they will have to solve riddles and find beacons thanks to their sense of direction to get out of the situation and earn points.
The hungry zombies, on the other hand, will be lurking in the shadows with only one objective in mind: to steal the "life tabs" hanging from the survivors' belts to make them lose points and tip them over into the darkness.

On an area of nearly 3,000 square meters near the CNIT, several hundred players will compete each evening for an hour until October 31. Attention, places are limited: 420 survivors and 45 zombies per night.

Will you dare to venture into this disused place? Or will you prefer to go to the dark side?

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Practical information
Level 51 of the former Coupole shopping center
Open from October 28th to 31st included from 6pm to midnight
Ticketing from September 30th
Zombies welcome from 4:30 pm for the make-up
Prices from 10€ (excluding ticketing fees)