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Redevelopment of Patrick-Devedjian Boulevard under study from 7 March to 6 April 2022

  • From March 7, 2022 to April 6, 2022
Vue aérienne Boulevard Patrick Devedjian CD92 (c) Olivier Ravoire

Named Patrick-Devedjian, in homage to the former president of Paris La Défense, the circular boulevard of La Défense will be completely renovated from 2026 onwards.

An ambitious project for the region led by the Hauts-de-Seine Department. Greener, more cycle-friendly, more accessible to pedestrians, more pleasant, better connected to public transport, to neighbouring towns and to the business district, the Patrick-Devedjian boulevard will offer a completely different configuration to its users. This is a new era initiated by the Hauts-de-Seine department, which has been managing and maintaining it since 2017.

The employees and users of the La Défense district are invited to express their opinions from 7 March to 6 April. On this occasion, an exhibition outlining the objectives of the project and its impact on the sector will be held. The aim of this consultation phase is to inform and collect opinions and observations on the main orientations of the redevelopment project aimed at transforming an urban boulevard where pedestrians, cyclists and motorists find their place.

Four main objectives have been defined

Traffic calming: the boulevard will be reduced to two lanes, new public lighting will be installed, new traffic lights will be installed and innovative equipment will be installed to improve traffic flow.

A boulevard for everyone: development or extension of 5.6 km of cycle paths, creation of wider and safer pavements, 14 pedestrian crossings and parking spaces.

An improved living environment: greening of the boulevard and fallow areas, planting of more than 500 trees, reduction of heat islands, reduction of noise and air pollution.

A boulevard open to the city: redesign of seventeen junctions, reduction of traffic levels.

On the programme?

9 exhibition panels presenting the project carried out by the department, which is responsible for the maintenance and management of this road:

  • The history, objectives and values of the development submitted for consultation.
  • The development project sector by sector with a description, visual and translations of these values.
  • Information on the future of the project.

A consultation file of about forty pages which allows you to get acquainted, in a simple and accessible way, with the entire project and the reflection that has been carried out.

Une visite virtuelle.

Comment y participer ?

En consultant le projet et son dossier de concertation et en déposant vos avis sur le registre de concertation en ligne.

For more information on the Boulevard Patrick Devedjian project