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Tours of three gardens on September 22 and 24, 2022

  • On September 22, 2022
  • On September 24, 2022
Visite des jardins Majunga, Reflets et Gilles Clément le 22 et 24 septembre 2022

With the collaboration of the Urban Eco Scop consultancy, Paris La Défense invites you to discover the fauna and flora of the area on September 22 and 24, 2022 through an exclusive visit to three gardens: Majunga, Reflets and Gilles Clément.

What biodiversity is around us on the esplanade and gardens of Paris La Défense? It may not seem very visible at times, but it is present, taking advantage of the vegetated interstices in the planters, containers or flowerbeds of the esplanade or in more densely planted areas, such as the existing gardens in the different districts. Birds and insects can be seen, and sometimes bats fly over the trees in the evening.
In order to make you aware of the challenges of biodiversity, Paris La Défense offers you to discover the fauna and flora of the territory, through the visit of three gardens: Gilles Clément, Majunga and Reflets, with a special focus on small urban fauna: birds and bats. Led by the Urban Eco Scop team, specialists in landscape and ecology, these visits will allow you to listen to and observe species in their environment and to share a collective experience.

**The Gilles Clément garden*** (https://media.parisladefense.com/5EHHNP_E6ae1vEQjF3bfMUJTPEI=/agenda/2022-09/visuel-1-jardin-gilles-clement-2022-c-sabrina-budon.jpg)
Located in Nanterre, at the back of La Grande Arche and under the Paul Chémétov pier, the garden, created by the landscape designer Gilles Clément, covers 3.3 hectares. A large green space where mineral and vegetation blend freely, it invites you to enjoy a 600-meter long pedestrian walkway, winding around the edges of Paris La Défense Arena to the terraces of Nanterre.

The Majunga garden
Located in Puteaux, at the foot of the buildings in the Villon district, the Majunga garden covers an area of 2,300 m² and gives water a major presence. The central element, the basin, is composed of large limestone concrete slabs covered with water. At the top of the basin are rainbows from which drops of water flow at certain times of the day. The plants (birch, willow, mountain ash) are from the Île-de-France region.
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**The Reflections Garden
Located in Courbevoie, the Reflets shared garden, the very first to be created in La Défense, is composed of a 1400 m² relaxation area and a 250 m² vegetable garden. Accessible to PRM, it offers spaces for cultivation and planting with different species of shrubs, a vegetable garden and aromatic and edible plants, some of which come from Asia.
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Practical information
Paris La Défense
Thursday September 22 from 6pm to 7:30pm
Saturday, September 24 from 10:00 to 11:30 am or from 2:00 to 3:30 pm
The slots include a free visit of the three gardens. Registration at the following email address Please specify the chosen time slot in your email. The meeting place will be specified in the confirmation email of your registration.