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Les Extatiques in the basement of Paris La Défense, from February 2 to 25, 2024

Dans les sous-sols de Paris La Défense, espace « Cathédrale »

  • From February 2, 2024 to February 25, 2024
Affiche de l'exposition Extatiques Interstices

Hold on to your hats, Les Extatiques returns for a brand-new edition in the basement of Paris La Défense ! The contemporary art exhibition will return to the area from February 2 to 25, 2024, taking up residence in "Cathédrale", Paris La Défense.

In partnership with Paris Face Cachée and conceived by the Interstices collective, this new edition of Les Extatiques in the basements of Paris La Défense is also an opportunity for everyone to discover this mysterious place !

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Neglected places and nature

This exhibition by Les Extatiques invites the public to discover this neglected and little-known place, and to go further in their understanding of it. Like a conscious urban explorer, visitors stroll along an artistic trail that prompts them to reflect on the site's former purpose.

Exploiting the "Cathedral" sub-slab space at Paris La Défense, the Interstices collective draws a parallel between the artificial and the natural. The exhibition explores themes such as the power of nature to reclaim the site, the artificialization of land, the wastefulness of buildings, and our consumption as citizens, based on the false perception of infinite planetary resources.

What's on the program? As if in a time capsule, where nature is evoked and simulated, the exhibition will offer an artistic journey, with the scenography articulated around different techniques. Scattered art installations, photographs, video projections, street art, soundtracks and lighting effects will awaken your senses! A visit to the exhibition is coupled with a tour of Moretti's Monster and the discovery of the volumes under the slab.

Interstices, who are they ?

The Interstices collective is made up of photographers, video artists, visual artists and musicians. The group's work revolves around abandoned, hidden or hard-to-reach spaces created by man. The creations contribute to the production of artistic and cultural events designed to enhance the value of these spaces for the public.

And Paris Face Cachée ?

For over 10 years, Paris Face Cachée has been offering unique 72-hour experiences in early February, in over 100 locations in the Ile-de-France region : Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Val-de-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis and Essonne. These original tours have been specially designed for the event, which turns the public into "passe-murailles", inviting them to infiltrate confidential or usually inaccessible places.

Practical info :
Les Extatiques, in the basement of Paris La Défense, "Cathedral" area
From February 2 to 25, 2024
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Warning: Due to the success of this year's event, all slots are fully booked.

Dans les sous-sols de Paris La Défense, espace « Cathédrale »