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Art exhibition in the lobby of Spaces La Défense, July-August 2021: Lucas Coskun

Spaces La Défense - Le Belvédère

  • From September 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021
Exposition Twagirumukiza septembre 2021 (c) Spaces

Every month, Spaces La Défense offers you, around a free exhibition in the lobby of the Belvedere building, an immersive and artistic experience that will transport you into the tumultuous universe of fashionable artists.

July-August 2021 / The world of Lucas Coskun

Lucas is a designer from Paris. His father is an architect and his mother is an art lover. From a very young age, he visits Parisian contemporary art museums and discovers a passion for drawing. In his school notebooks, the lessons disappear to make room for the sketches of a child's life, inspired by his surroundings. A Parisian life full of activity and inspiration, which he left at the age of 10 when his parents decided to settle in the town of Arles in Provence. The inspirations change, but not the energy. He will not stop drawing. Interested in mathematics, he followed a scientific curriculum until his baccalaureate.

It is only a few months before this exam that he discovers the existence of the School of Visual Communication of Aix-En-Provence in which he will enter the following year, in 2012. After many discussions with his professors, he decided to change course and turn towards pure creation, at the École Supérieure d'Art d'Avignon. It was there that he discovered performance art, which he studied and practiced under the direction of Lucile Calmel and Cyril Jarton for three years.

After obtaining his DNAP, he decided to leave the comfort of school to confront the beginnings of the artist's life in Arles. He participated in two local exhibitions. The first was a group exhibition in memory of Manuel Salvat in which he presented a sound installation. The second is a solo exhibition by Pablo Brones in which he will be invited to create a collaborative installation with the artist. His personal work, abstract forms and writings in bright colours drawn on a black background, an expression of what he considers to be his surplus of sensations, is at the same time seen by Cyrille Putman who, after an inspiring meeting, invites him to join the "fly project". The illustration then begins, to end 2 years later on the roads of New Zealand, where Lucas will travel to draw in peace. Since his return, he lives and works in Paris.

Practical information

Free exhibition, open to the public from 1 July to 31 August, 8.30am to 6.30pm

Spaces La Défense
1-7 Cours Valmy
Le Belvédère
92 800 Paris La Défense

Spaces La Défense - Le Belvédère