Noël à Paris La Défense

Where to find Santa Claus?

Westfield les 4 Temps et Village de Noël

  • From November 16, 2019 to December 25, 2019
Où trouver le Père Noël Paris La Défense 2019

Children can do more : too many dodos before the arrival of Santa Claus on December 25 ! Why not take the opportunity to make him a visit before the big night ?

At Westfield Les 4 Temps

It will be waiting for you every Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays from the 16th November, at the foot of the tree for a photo session in the presence of a professional photographer.

Village of Christmas

Wednesday to Sunday, it will also be at the Christmas Village in Paris La Défense ! (and yes, it has the power of splitting !). The children will give their lists of gifts and discover the art of negotiation to achieve.

For the spot ? Nothing more simple, you'll easily recognize with these few clues : he is often dressed in red, wears a long white beard and a (most of the time) an air of friendly.

Good hunting, ohohoh !

Westfield les 4 Temps et Village de Noël

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