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The Health and Work Village


  • On September 24, 2020
Le Village Santé – Travail

To your calendars! On September 24th, ACMS and CIAMT, two Ile-de-France inter-company occupational health services, are joining forces to organise the Health and Work Village on the La Défense forecourt.

On the programme: meetings, games and activities!

The Health and Work Village will be based around 6 major thematic workshops that will allow visitors to discover and become familiar with:

  • the Occupational Health Services Social Service with the "Giant Goose Game",
  • the objective of Job Retention, thanks to the "Game of the wheel" associated with tailor-made questions and answers,
  • Road Risk in the professional context, through a full-scale driving simulator,
  • Ergonomics in the workplace and Prevention of risks related to physical activity at work, with "professional tips" and new tests,
  • Actions in the workplace, with a presentation of the metrology tools used in risk prevention, such as those used to measure noise,
  • Psycho-social Risks, by means of advice and quizzes.

In the large central tent of the Village, visitors will also participate :

  • an Escape game on the theme of health at work,
  • in the BeOTop® "Wellness Bubble", to sensory and relaxation experiences Innovative.

Rendez-vous between the CNIT and the "Westfield - Les Quatre Temps" shopping centre, from 9am to 6pm for a public event, free and open to all!