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Bike to Work on September 20 and 21, 2022 in front of La Grande Arche

  • From May 20, 2022 to May 21, 2022
La Fête de la nature à Paris La Défense les 20 et 21 mai 2022

**May 20 and 21, 2022 Jardin Gilles Clément (Arche side)
Jardin Gilles Clément (Paris La Défense Arena side)
Kowalski staircase
Quartier Boieldieu

For the 16th edition of the Fête de la Nature, Paris La Défense invites you to visit the business district from another angle, with your ears... On May 20 and 21, 2022, discover the natural riches of the area!

Birds singing in Paris La Défense? Yes, the territory with its unique typology and its corners dedicated to vegetation abounds in diverse acoustic layers. Thanks to a cartographic tool called the white grid, the sounds of Paris La Défense can be recorded to better understand them. To appreciate the songs of birds and perhaps insects, the Fête de la nature will take you on a stroll around 4 different sounding places, from the Jardin Gilles Clément to the Boieldieu district.

The visits are organized by Paris La Défense and are led by ecologists and environmentalists from Urban-Eco-Scop. These experts can initiate you to the recognition of bird songs. For one and a half hours, you will have to listen to the familiar sounds of roads, passers-by, the slab, and ventilation and enjoy listening to the different songs of the animals that inhabit these places. A sound stroll that will make you discover Paris La Défense with your ears!

On the program
Visit of the Gilles Clément Garden (on the Paris La Défense Arena side and on the Arche side)** : Located between the Puteaux and Neuilly cemeteries and away from the Dalle de la Défense, the Gilles Clément Garden will make you discover the most surprising bird songs, from the black-headed warbler, whose warning call sounds like two pebbles hitting each other, to the great tit, which has the most varied repertoire among the titmice.

Kowalski Staircase: This vegetated area in the middle of a busy zone will make you forget the hubbub of conversations and the sound of footsteps to discover the songs of the house sparrows hidden in the bushes or that of the goldfinches that hurry through the air to find the safety of the trees.

Boieldieu Quarter: Further on, in the Boieldieu Quarter, you can appreciate the song of the Common Goldfinch, whose appearance is close to that of a sparrow, but also, the song of a blackbird so varied and inventive, or of a robin, whose orange color makes it possible to distinguish it on the branch where it is resting.

The Fête de la Nature is a national event that takes place every spring, on the occasion of the day of biodiversity. On this date, thousands of events are organized by conservation and nature education associations, local authorities, schools, companies, individuals ... throughout France, in metropolitan and overseas, in cities and in the countryside.

Practical information :
Friday, May 20 at 12pm and Saturday, May 21 at 11am
To register communication@parisladefense.com
Please specify the date of your choice, registration is limited!
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