Noël à Paris La Défense

Christmas illuminations in Paris La Défense

  • From November 21, 2019 to January 5, 2020
Les illuminations de Noël à Paris La Défense 2019

Please be aware that the magic of Christmas is also revealed between the towers of Paris La Défense ! Immense globe, tree, giant, decorations... facilities magic that promise to amaze the little ones ! It tells you more.

Approach, approach ! This year, like last year, we have planned to you put the eyes in the occasion of the celebrations of the end of the year. You can as well, from 21 November until 5 January, take advantage of the facilities flamboyant that will flicker the landscape of Paris La Défense !

The program, a christmas tree lit up to 18 meters high, a world map, a hashtag Paris La Défense giant and many other surprises. Designed and developed specifically for Paris La Défense, the illuminations are inspired by the unusual architecture of the neighborhood. You'll notice therefore that the Christmas tree recalls the facades of the tower Carpe Diem, are the ornaments of the candlesticks are inspired by the spire of the tower First, or the linear lines of light along the esplanade, a nod to the chimney Moretti. Not bad ?

Always in an eco-responsible approach, all of the lighting is designed with LED lighting 100% low energy !

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