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Always higher for the Telethon!

France 2

  • From December 6, 2019 to December 7, 2019
Téléthon Paris La Défense Nathan Paulin funambule traverse entre Cœur Défense et la Tour CB21

Nathan Paulin, a professional tightrope walker, walked in the sky of Paris La Défense! A performance to be seen and reviewed on France 2 on Saturday, December 7 at 12pm, on the occasion of the mobilization weekend for the Telethon.

In a word: Vertiginous! On Friday, November 22, Nathan Paulin, one of the world champions of highline, offered a grandiose show to the users of Paris La Défense. Suspended more than 150 metres above the void, the tightrope walker made the feat of crossing 510 metres between two of the neighbourhood's tallest towers, Cœur Défense and CB21 Tower.

Let's mobilize!

This extreme and unprecedented challenge has been accomplished for the next edition of the Telethon, which will be held on December 6 and 7. Paris La Défense, a partner alongside France Télévisions and the AFM Telethon, invites you to experience or relive the crossing on France 2 on Saturday 7 December at 12 noon. Let us raise solidarity and victories over the disease ever higher!

France 2