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Blood donation: EFS organises a new collection at La Défense

Hilton Paris La Défense dans le Cnit

  • On December 28, 2020
Don du sang - Paris La Défense  novembre 2020

To help in the face of the crisis we are going through, make a gesture of solidarity and give your blood! The Etablissement Français du Sang (French Blood Establishment) will meet you in Paris La Défense for a new blood collection, on Monday 28 December from 12 to 5 pm at the Hilton located in the CNIT.

In this new context of confinement, and in particular to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic, the EFS is continuing its collections in order to meet the needs of patients for whom transfusions are vital. Citizens are authorised to travel to donate blood by filling in the official certificate of derogatory travel, on the grounds of assistance to vulnerable persons (fourth box).
By giving one hour of your time and your blood, you have the power to save three lives!

Date and place of collection
By appointment on Monday 28th December from 12 noon to 5pm.
Hilton Paris La Défense located in the CNIT, restaurant area level 1
2 Place de La Défense

To give, you have to :

  • Be between 18 and 70 years old
  • Weigh at least 50 kg
  • Have none of the flu symptoms
  • Make an appointment to limit the number of people and waiting time for collections
  • Please bring an identity card.

People who have had symptoms of Covid must wait 28 days after symptoms disappear before donating blood.
Take the online test to check your suitability to donate

Good to know : To find another site near you.

And if you still have reservations linked to the health situation, the EFS answers your questions.

Hilton Paris La Défense dans le Cnit