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Paris La Défense construction site news

Bicycle path construction for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

May 22, 2024 - Jun 15, 2024

Paris La Défense continues to develop its bicycle paths .

As part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, an additional cycle path will be added to the existing network, ensuring continuity between the Pont de Neuilly and Place Carpeaux (temporary cycle parking facilities will be provided at this point as part of the Games). To continue this work, night-time operations are scheduled from May 22 for a period of 3 weeks (i.e. until June 15). Detour will be set up on site.

Works planned: traffic lights, asphalt mix, modification of the median strip.

Eventually, avenues A. Gleizes and A. Prothin will be equipped with safe cycle paths. The roadway will be reduced to a single lane, encouraging the use of soft modes of transport.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The provisional phasing is as follows: Lane neutralization for installation of light signals (cable routing) with night work from 10pm to 5am.

  • May 22 to 23: work on avenue A. Prothin, with a detour via avenue de la Division Leclerc. For heavy vehicles, we recommend bypassing via the rond-point de la Défense, avenue Jean Moulin and boulevard circulaire.

  • From May 23 to 24: work on avenue H. Regnault. A traffic warden will be on hand to manage traffic on this two-way street. A detour will be set up via avenue de la Division Leclerc for users crossing the street.

  • Early next week: work on avenue A. Gleizes. The detour will also take place via avenue de la Division Leclerc.

  • Week of May 27: work on avenue de la Division Leclerc, in coordination with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall staircase.