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Work on public spaces at Jardin des Rails, rue Edouard Colonne and Place des Groues

Oct 1, 2023 - Dec 31, 2025

Location: Northern sector of Les Groues, known as Hanriot (between Rue François Arago and Rue François Hanriot) Start: 3rd quarter 2023 Completion: early 2025

Work schedule: After an initial phase of work to create new roadways and deploy structural networks, which was completed in spring 2023, construction of the first definitive public spaces in the Hanriot Sector began in summer 2023.

Rue Edouard Colonne: the scope of this work will deliver high-quality, planted landscaping for the arrival of the neighborhood's first residents, such as the new Rue Edouard Colonne, featuring a roadway shared between cycles and vehicles, bordered by planted ditches to ensure rainwater management, and a wide cobblestone sidewalk almost 3 meters wide.

The heart of the Jardin des Rails: this public space will offer residents a planted walkway featuring local species. The first section of this linear garden will feature a large meadow with orchard lines, a rain garden to promote biodiversity, and areas equipped with furniture to enhance comfort and multiply uses, including a picnic area and a playground. On the northern edge of the Jardin des Rails, a densely planted hedged valley at least 6 meters wide will provide a habitat for wildlife and biodiversity.

Perspective, In Situ

Place des Groues (formerly known as Place d'Arras): This public space, located opposite the Flora housing development, will be a veritable living space in the center of the Hanriot sector, able to host local events such as small markets, and will be enlivened by the terraces of the future shops on the housing lots bordering the square. Work will start in early 2025 and be completed by the end of the year.

Photo of the Jardin des Rails worksite