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Paris La Défense construction site news

Construction of lot 2 - Les Hallizées

May 1, 2023 - Sep 30, 2025

Developers: SEFRI CIME Architect: Reichen & Robert associés Builders : STB Location: Avenue François Hanriot, Nanterre

Perspective, photo credit: Nicolas Laisné

Construction of 160 housing units in 4 buildings E1, E2, E3 and E4 with 2 basement levels and a 500m² garden.

Work progress: The work is at the "R+1 low floor completion" stage.

  • Start of works: May 2023
  • Foundation completion: September 2023
  • Structural work completion: September 2024
  • Start of secondary trades: November 2024
  • Delivery: September 2025

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This program is currently being marketed at the Maison des projets des Groues.

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