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Oct 25, 2023 - Jan 15, 2024

Information about the EDENN project

The basement and garden levels are nearing completion. Internal to the building, the basement and part of the garden level will house parking spaces with recharging points for future occupants, as well as technical rooms.


The garden level will also offer future occupants a fitness area and food kiosks opening onto planted patios. Like the rest of the EDENN project, these future tree-lined areas will feature street furniture and various habitats for local wildlife, such as bird nesting boxes, bat shelters and piles of dead wood from pruning.


Work scheduled for the end of 2023

From the garden level upwards, the steel and concrete duo will be visible thanks to the installation of the metal framework. Below is a description of the work planned up to December 2023:

  • Continuation of structural work in the basement and garden level;
  • Removal of the retaining wall studs;
  • Installation of the needle posts and metal framework.
  • Construction of the access ramp to the garden level and basement.
  • Start of structural work on the ground floor.

Information about the context of the project and news about the site is available on the Edenn application, which can be downloaded by flashing the QR codes below. The site team can be contacted at