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Altiplano site (Île-de-France building / PB10)

Sep 18, 2023 - Nov 6, 2023

Upcoming works

Renovation work on the Ile-de-France building is continuing and the first site installations are about to be removed. From 18 September, the PETIT company will be starting work that will involve a change of route for pedestrians and cyclists.

1. Removal of the temporary pedestrian footbridge

Work on the building is sufficiently advanced to allow the temporary metal footbridge to be removed and pedestrian traffic restored along the Altiplano building, as shown on the plan below (dotted lines in mauve and grey).

A 1.40m wide pedestrian corridor will be provided between the Jean Moulin footbridge and the Esplanade. However, given this width, we advise cyclists coming from the Boieldieu district to use the footbridge on the outskirts of the Franklin Tower to reach the forecourt, according to the following plan:

Special signage will be put in place to encourage cyclists to use the blue route to improve pedestrian comfort along Altiplano.

These paths will remain in place until the end of the works, scheduled for the end of the first quarter of 2024.

Work to remove the metal footbridge will start in mid-September and will last around 6 weeks during the day. No night work is planned.

Development work around the Jean Moulin footbridge

In parallel with the removal of the footbridge, work is continuing on the fire lane around the building. The work involves waterproofing and floor coverings, particularly around the Jean Moulin footbridge (no particular noise nuisance).

A special phasing plan has been drawn up to ensure that the footbridge and staircase continue to be accessible in accordance with the following alternating work schedule:

Area concerned

Phasing details