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Paris La Défense redevelops rue Jules Ferry and rue Fauvelles around the future Engie Campus

Jul 1, 2023 - Oct 31, 2024

The main development principles for these two streets:

  • Creation of two-way cycle lanes on rue Jules Ferry and one-way cycle lanes on rue des Fauvelles.
  • A large square in front of the main entrance to the Engie Campus
  • Planted micro-spaces and linear plantings
  • Wider pavements for pedestrians
  • Parking spaces (13 spaces including 3 for people with reduced mobility and bicycle racks)
  • Over 70 trees planted
  • A landscaped ditch (see "Find out more") to collect rainwater between the pavement and the car parks.

Work schedule:

  • Work to start on rue des Fauvelles: summer 2023
  • Start of work on rue Jules Ferry: September 2023
  • Completion of works on both streets: October 2024

For the duration of the works:

  • Rue Jules Ferry Depending on the phases of the works: one-way traffic in the downhill direction or installation of traffic lights on the worksite to maintain two-way traffic. A pedestrian pavement will be maintained.
  • Rue des Fauvelles Two-way traffic maintained by alternating traffic.

To find out more...
Both streets will be planted with linear trees. This virtuous system will not only retain rainwater during heavy rainfall, but will also accompany cycle and pedestrian routes, in the heart of a qualitative and diversified plant environment.

Planted micro-plazas will be set up in front of the various building entrances, offering employees and passers-by multiple places to take a break that open onto the Campus's garden patios.

In front of the main entrance to the Engie Campus, a large square 50 metres long will be made up of circular wooden benches with large trees (Himalayan birches) inside for added coolness and shade.

Perspective of the square in rue Jules Ferry

View of rue des Fauvelles

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