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Apr 1, 2023 - Jun 30, 2023

The elevation of the wings is progressing! The teams will complete the base levels (from the ground floor to R+4) by the end of the month and then continue with the so-called "current" levels (from R+5). The 12 escalators positioned in the base have been installed in their final locations.

The first elevator, facilitating the movement of teams and the transport of materials, is being installed.

The installation of the façade protections is continuing and will be completed by the end of May.

The cranes were raised for the first time in mid-March. The first telescoping will take place at the beginning of May. These operations will continue throughout the structural phase, depending on the progress of the levels. At the same time, the backfilling of the first basement area is continuing in order to reach the required level for the installation of technical networks. In the Arch Wing, this area has also been punctuated by the first acoustic and thermal insulation work.

A key stage of the project is still to come: the start of the "closed-cover" work, i.e. the installation of the first façades in the next few weeks!

Start of work on the living quarters

A new, additional living quarters will soon be operational in the logistics zone located parallel to the ring road, to the west of the Vignes footbridge. The foundation work has been completed, leaving room for the installation of the framework. Built on five levels, it will meet the site's needs in terms of team accommodation until the end of the operation.

The first "bungalows" will be installed in May for a partial opening in June.

Projection June 2023 - View from the Vignes footbridge looking in the direction of Puteaux

Projection June 2023 - View from the circular boulevard

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