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Apr 1, 2022 - Jun 30, 2024


Developed by GALILEE DEFENSE (Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield group), LIGHTWELL is a heavy restructuring project of the Galilee office building (ex PB15-PB16) located in the Michelet district in Paris La Défense, between the Esplanade du Général de Gaulle and the Cours Michelet.

A first phase of preliminary work, including cleaning and abatement of the existing building, was launched in 2020.



Key Figures

35.000 m² of offices and shops (similar to the existing building).
9 office levels above the slab + 3 levels above the Michelet course (+ 1 half-level vs. existing building).
More than 1000 m² of outdoor space and renovation of the surroundings of the building by the Developer. HQE Exceptional – BREEAM Excellent.


Owner: Galileo Defence (Unibail Rodamco Westfield Group);
Contracting authority: Espace Expansion (Unibail Rodamco Westfield Group);
Architect: Barthélémy-Griño Architects;
Master of Execution: SCO;
Logistics Company/ Demolition/ Major Work and CCFN referent: Small (Vinci Construction).

Construction Progress

The site will have two tower cranes located in the heart of the island inside the building. A site right-of-way will be located in the Voie des Sculpteurs and the cantonments will be installed inside the building. As a result, rights-of-way over public space will be limited. The existing pedestrian paths (access, passageway etc.) are maintained but will be slightly modified as the site progresses. We will communicate this information to you in advance of these different phases.

Transaction Schedule

Restructuring work and measures taken to limit the nuisances of demolition

  • Compliance with the provisions for limiting and controlling nuisances imposed by the Paris la Défense Project Charter for Low Nuisances (CCFN) and the BREAM and HQE standards
  • Monitoring of acoustic and vibrational emergences as well as continuous dust exposure
  • Installation of High Rise Scaffolding for Demolition
  • Misting to reduce dust

Early Maturities (April to June)

Inside the construction site:
• Tower crane assembly;
• General demolition preparation work;
• Installation of scaffolding for demolition and facade lifts;
• Demolition of the last two levels of the building;
• Start of core demolition / reconstruction.

In the vicinity of the site:
• Progressive takeover of site rights-of-way;
• Preparatory work on roads and Michelet courses for construction installations and installation of tower cranes;
• Construction of the Sculptors' Lane for the delivery area and site access.

The company PETIT, in charge of the structural works of the LIGHTWELL Project, informs you that in order to allow the routing of a mobile crane on the Cours Michelet via the Voie des Sculpteurs, the Voie des Sculpteurs will be closed to traffic in the evening from 7pm to 10pm on 23 May 2022 and on 31 May 2022:

  • From 7pm to 8pm: start of the works and closure of the Voie des Sculpteurs except for residents;
  • From 8pm to 10pm: total closure.

Traffic may be restored before 10pm depending on the progress of the works.

The closure will take place at the entrance gantry of the Voie des Sculpteurs, at the intersection with the rond-point de la Défense. Traffic will be managed by traffic wardens and appropriate signage.

To communicate together

Three means of communication for local residents and neighbourhood users will be put in place:

  • Implementation of a mailbox located in front of the Nest Hotel;
  • A dedicated hotline: 0800 94 29 79
  • A dedicated email address:
  • Information on the progress of the project will be communicated and regularly disseminated:

  • In future newsletters and news flash;
  • During the riparian committees organized by Paris La Défense.
  • Site visits will be organized throughout the work.
    We will listen to you throughout the construction.