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Construction of the FOcd lot - ZAC des Groues

Jan 3, 2022 - Dec 31, 2024

Builder : LEGENDRE - structural work
Location : 211 rue de la Garenne, Nanterre


The objective of the programme is to create a mixed island consisting of 3 lots (FOcd 1, FOcd 2, FOcd 3) on 2 common basement levels in which the activities are distributed as follows:

  • FOcd 1 lot (Helios): residential building at R+16; reception area and delivery area for the self-storage activity on the ground floor.
  • TOCd 2 lot: higher education campus at R+8 on 1 basement level; commercial premises on the ground floor.
  • Lot FOcd 3: residential building with offices on the ground floor and on the first two floors. The two basement levels include parking spaces, technical premises and urban logistics.

Progress of the works: the "1 year" of the construction site was recently celebrated. The work continues.

The structural work on the two basement levels including the parking spaces, the technical rooms and the self-storage area (which will be operated by UPEP) has been completed. The construction of the various buildings by the shell is in progress. The completion of the structural work is scheduled for the end of the second quarter of 2023 (for the higher education campus) and the end of 2023 for the other two buildings. The secondary trades will then be able to continue work in the various buildings.

The provisional delivery dates are as follows:

  • The campus: 3rd quarter 2024
  • The delivery of the housing and offices will be spread over the first half of 2025

Crane erection: 3 cranes will be required to build the entire project. They will be erected in the second quarter of 2022. For a provisional dismantling in the fourth quarter of 2023. Construction site base and entrance to the construction site: the planned access will be at 235 rue de la Garenne 92000 Nanterre.

Specific facilities: access control for vehicles and pedestrians will be set up.

Construction site hours: from 7am to 6.30pm, excluding Sundays and public holidays

For any questions: