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Construction of the FOcd lot - ZAC des Groues

Jan 3, 2022 - Dec 31, 2024

Builder : LEGENDRE - structural work
Location : 211 rue de la Garenne, Nanterre


The objective of the programme is to create a mixed island composed of 3 lots (FOcd 1, FOcd 2, FOcd 3) on 2 basement levels common to lots FOcd 1 and 3 in which the activities are distributed as follows:

  • Lot TOCF 1:

    • Residential building at R+16 ;
    • Reception area and delivery area for the self-storage activity on the ground floor of the building
  • TOCD Lot 2:

    • Higher education campus at R+8 on 1 basement level
    • Commercial premises on the ground floor.
  • Lot FOcd 3:

    • Residential building with 3 stairwells, stairwell A at R+8, stairwell D at R+7 A and E stairwells at R+6;
    • An activity room on the ground floor.

Work schedule (provisional dates) :

  • Start of works: 1st quarter 2022
  • Injections, foundations: 1st quarter 2022 to 2nd quarter 2022
  • Infrastructure (parking levels): 2nd quarter 2022 to 4th quarter 2022
  • Structural work: 3rd quarter 2022 to 3rd quarter 2023
  • Secondary construction: 2nd quarter 2023 to 4th quarter 2024
  • Deliveries: FOcd 2: 2nd quarter 2024 / FOcd 1-3: 4th quarter 2024

Crane erection: 3 cranes will be required to build the entire project. They will be erected in the second quarter of 2022. For a provisional dismantling in the fourth quarter of 2023. Construction site base and entrance to the construction site: the planned access will be at 235 rue de la Garenne 92000 Nanterre.

Specific facilities: access control for vehicles and pedestrians will be set up.

Construction site hours: from 7am to 6.30pm, excluding Sundays and public holidays

For any questions: