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Construction of lot 3 - La Forêt des Groues - ZAC des Groues

Nov 19, 2021 - Mar 31, 2024

Builder: ECM for the structural work
Location: 28 rue François Hanriot, Nanterre


Lot 3A: 108 collective housing units, a crèche, a craft workshop and 72 parking spaces on 1 basement level.

Lot 3B: 40 collective housing units, a business premises and 28 parking spaces.

Work progress : the structural work is now completed on all 6 buildings of the project. The secondary trades are working in parallel on all the buildings. The technical witnesses are being finalised to validate the levels of service for each company.

The organisation of the site includes a staggered start to the work on the 6 buildings: E&F in the south, then B, C&D and finally building A in the north.

  • Start of works: November 2021
  • Injections, foundations: November 2021
  • Infrastructure (parking levels): May 2022
  • Structural work: April 2023
  • Secondary construction (interior): October 2023
  • Deliveries: 1st quarter 2024

Crane erection: 3 cranes will be required to build the project. There will be two cranes for plot 3A in the north and one for plot 3B in the south. According to the execution schedule, the first crane of the operation (E&F buildings) was erected in April 2022. The second crane (building A) was erected in April 2022 and the third (buildings B, C&D) in May 2022.

Construction site living areas: these will be set up for lots 3A and 3B on the future public space alleys running alongside the lots.

Construction site hours: 8am - 6pm

Construction site access: Depending on the different phases of the construction site and in order to be consistent with the Paris La Défense development works, access to lots 3A and 3B will be via Rue François Hanriot and Rue Edouard Colonne respectively.

For any questions: - number: 01 43 25 62 89