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Construction of lot 3 - La Forêt des Groues - ZAC des Groues

Nov 19, 2021 - Jun 30, 2024

Developer: LAMOTTE IMMOBILIER Architects: Sonia Cortesse, M'CUB architectes, Julien Beller Sonia Cortesse, M'CUB architectes, Julien Beller Contractor: ECM for structural work Location: 28 rue François Hanriot, northern sector of Les Groues, Nanterre


Lot 3A: 108 multi-family housing units, a crèche, a craft workshop and 72 parking spaces on 1 basement level.

Lot 3B: 40 apartments, a business premises and 28 parking spaces.

We are fast approaching delivery of all housing units in both parts of the project. Deliveries have been delayed by a few months due to recurrent bad weather and an unforeseen change in the locksmith's company.

Technical witnesses have been validated in order to set performance levels for the facades. Secondary contractors are now finalizing their work in all units. Final work will now focus on the green spaces around the buildings.

Construction schedule:

  • Start of works: February 2022
  • Infrastructure (parking levels): June 2022
  • Structural work: April 2023
  • Secondary trades (interior): February 2024
  • Delivery: before summer 2024

For any questions: - number: 01 43 25 62 89

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