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Construction of the Engie Campus - La Garenne-Colombes

Jul 1, 2021 - Jan 1, 2024

The construction of the energy giant's future headquarters has begun and will house an innovative and sustainable eco-campus by 2024.

Located near the Groues district, in the Charlebourg area of La Garenne-Colombes, at the gateway to La Défense and not far from the new Nanterre-La-Folie station, this project, led by the real estate operator Nexity, will be delivered in 2024. The project is part of the Charlebourg Urban Partnership Project led by Paris La Défense. The Engie eco-campus will comprise 4 buildings with a total surface area of 94,000 m², built to the highest standards in terms of sustainable development.

Perspective of the Engie Campus - credit Kreaction

Key stages of the project

  • Start of works: August 21 (walls per pass)
  • Foundations, networks under slabs: September-October 2021
  • Infrastructure: November 2021
  • Structural work: November 2021 (infrastructure levels are in concrete)
  • Secondary works: start of the technical works (CET) planned for the 2nd quarter of 2022 / start of the architectural works (CEA) planned for the 3rd quarter of 2022
  • Delivery: 2024

Photos of the works (January 2022) credit Nicolas Grosmond

The cranes

The first crane was erected in July 2021 and dismantled in January 2022. In total, 10 cranes were installed in January 2022.

Construction teams

The works are being orchestrated by Paris La Défense.
Developer: Nexity
Builder: Bouygues Construction
10 companies are holding the works contracts. In January 2022, 200 workers are expected on site.

Photo of the works (November 2021) credit Nicolas Grosmond

Open the plan of the work in progress

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