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Odyssey project site - Les Miroirs site

Dec 15, 2021 - Jan 31, 2026


PRIMONIAL REIM France has acquired the property of the Les Miroirs complex, consisting of three buildings (AB, C and D), with a view to developing a new mixed-use real estate programme, the ODYSSEY project, designed by an international team of architects Cro&Co, CroMe and Studio Gang.

A first phase of clearance and asbestos removal works was launched in December 2020. This work, carried out exclusively indoors, will continue until December 2021 for buildings AB and D, and until July 2022 for building C, which is still partially occupied.

Details of the cleaning and asbestos removal work

Removal of asbestos consists of the removal of all interior fittings (not containing asbestos), prior to the removal of materials containing asbestos (asbestos removal).

In the Les Miroirs buildings, most of the asbestos-containing materials consist of asbestos-containing cement plaster.

In addition, asbestos removal work is very closely supervised and regulated :

  • The work is carried out by qualified operators belonging to specialised companies certified by accredited bodies,
  • The areas to be asbestos-free are completely contained before the work begins,
  • The work is subject to detailed safety procedures ("removal plans") validated and controlled - among others - by the CRAMIF, the Labour Inspectorate and the Occupational Medical Service,
  • Regular atmospheric checks are carried out by independent accredited bodies,
  • The asbestos waste is conditioned and evacuated from the site as it comes in.

The next works and pedestrian paths

A second phase of work, scheduled to start in the second half of 2022 and last about a year, will consist of demolishing the Les Miroirs buildings and a portion of the Louis Blanc footbridge. As part of the footbridge structure (pier) is included in the façade of the Les Miroirs building, its partial demolition is necessary.

However, the portion of the Louis Blanc footbridge between the rue Louis Blanc kiosk and the Saisons slab will be maintained, for the comfort of local residents, until 2024 (see diagram on next page).

For everyone's safety, the central Place Les Miroirs will be closed. However, the circular boulevard and the surrounding public spaces will not be affected.

Alternative pedestrian routes via rue Louis Blanc and the Iris footbridge, or via the Louis Blanc footbridge and the dalle des Saisons, will be maintained.

Consultation with local residents on the project

An electronic public participation (PPVE) was held from 25 October to 26 November 2021. The PPVE is a consultation procedure which aims to collect the public's observations on the building permit application for the Odyssey project and to involve the public in the life of the project by enabling them to better understand its interest and its proper integration into the local and daily environment. In the coming days, a summary of the public's contributions will be drawn up by the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture, and a response will be formalised by the project owner.

On 16 November, the project owners also organised an information and discussion meeting on the project for local residents.

In parallel with the development of the Odyssey project by PRIMONIAL REIM France, consideration is being given to the surrounding public spaces, in particular to improve the pathways and links within Courbevoie and between the La Défense slab and the surrounding areas. In partnership with Paris La Défense and the City of Courbevoie, Primonial REIM France and BNP Paribas Immobilier are gathering the opinions of local residents in order to design a project that is consistent with the existing uses of the area.

Our commitments to limit nuisances

The construction site will comply with the requirements of the Paris La Défense Low Nuisance Construction Site Charter (CCFN) as well as the ODYSSEY Clean Construction Site Charter, so as to limit and minimise all the impacts of the construction site on its immediate environment, particularly in terms of cleanliness, noise, dust and vibrations.

A permanent exchange with you

Regular newsletters will be sent out to inform local residents of the next stages of the project.

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