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Redevelopment of public spaces in the Corolles-Reflets-Iris neighborhood

Oct 1, 2021 - Feb 28, 2023

Start of work on the Reflets and Iris squares in October 2021

Paris La Défense has conducted studies, in parallel with the work undertaken by Aermont on the Aurore tower, to rethink the surrounding public spaces, and more broadly the entire Corolles-Reflets-Iris district. It is the entire physiognomy of the Corolles-Reflets-Iris sector that will change. A first stage included the renovation of the Place de l'Iris and the arrival of two new restaurants. It is now the turn of the public spaces around the Aurore tower. A phase of work has begun and will offer a unified and comfortable floor, quality amenities, and a completely revamped patio des Reflets; the neighborhood is thus poised to experience a new youth.

In the continuity of the new development of the Place de l'Iris, several objectives have guided the reflection around the redevelopment of the Reflets-Iris sector, among which :

  • the complete renovation and opening of the Reflets patio in order to make it more luminous, pleasant and open. A portion of the slab that currently hides the patio's businesses and the connections between the patio and Reflections Square will be removed. A wider, more visible staircase will replace the current one, and the elevator bank will be redesigned to allow people with reduced mobility to connect to the parking lot as well as the two levels of the slab.

  • the creation of a visual perspective between the Place de l'Iris and the Place des Reflets

  • simplification of circulation** with improved connections between the slab and the boulevard Circulaire. A staircase will connect the allée Marvingt and the slab, between the base of the Pavillon Aurore and the Manhattan tower. Near the D2 tower, the creation of a staircase and two elevators accessible to bicycles will connect the allée Marvingt and the place des Reflets. Finally, soft mobility will be encouraged, with the installation of 80 bicycle racks in the public space.

  • A "plant lens" will be created in Place des Reflets and new plantings, on the "hillside" and around "landscaped lounges", will be created between the Aurore and Manhattan towers. Finally, clear concrete slabs, light-colored natural stones and wooden furniture will dress the squares and the patio.

    Overview - before

    Overview - After

Start of the works

At the beginning of September, Paris La Défense is installing construction and storage areas and reinforcing the slab in anticipation of the work. In mid-October, work on the public spaces will begin with the partial demolition of the "Reflets" kiosk, opposite the Vision 80 residence, and the Iris terrace (see map below). Then, several phases will consist of renovating and planting the two squares, until December 2022.

In the meantime, in April 2022, the commercial terraces will be reopened. A final stage will include the creation of new pathways towards Courbevoie. Between towers CB16 and D2, the accesses will be delivered in November 2022 and the second, between towers D2 and Manhattan, in March 2023.

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