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A14 tunnels: Closures for works

May 14, 2021 - Jul 18, 2021

As part of the project to improve and reinforce the tunnel fire network in the Ile-de-France region, the DiRIF (Direction des routes d'Île-De-France) has observed a series of damages in the A14/A86 area, and more particularly in the La Défense tunnel sector on the A14Y (Paris to province direction).

Leaks, corroded equipment, network lines suffering significant pressure losses, significant obsolescence of certain equipment, these malfunctions are causing a lot of damage in the surrounding areas and therefore require intervention.

As a result, a series of modernisation works on the A14 Y tunnel, planned over several years, will be carried out from mid-May until July 2021.

Closure of the A14Y (Paris to province direction) from 14 May 12 noon to 16 May 2pm

The first phase of the work, which will take place over the Ascension weekend, will allow a pipe crossing to be made under the A14Y carriageway. The tunnel will thus be partially closed from the Neuilly bridge to the A14 entry ramp from the RD914.

In order to reduce the inconvenience to users as much as possible and to limit the transfer of traffic to the secondary network, the DiRIF has carried out a study to determine the most favourable weekend for the start of the work.

In addition to the closure of the A14 Y tunnel on 14, 15 and 16 May, all the work will require night-time closures between May and July, for a total of 6 nights in the W direction and 25 nights in the Y direction.

The project to modernise the Île-de-France fire network

The work will make it possible to replace certain damaged lines and to create connections to strengthen the network and improve the system's redundancy. They will also make it possible to instrument certain valves located at strategic positions on the network, in order to know and report their status to the supervision system.