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Place de La Défense

Mar 1, 2021 - Sep 30, 2023

Paris La Défense is starting work on the emblematic and vast Place de La Défense at the beginning of March. In spring 2023, this will offer a 20,000 sq. metre space that has been completely redesigned and renovated. This letter presents the project and the construction methods.

Place de La Défense, the nerve centre of Europe's leading business district, was designed in the early 1970s. In its current configuration since 1981, the Place de La Défense needed to be given a new lease of life.

In addition to addressing important technical issues (notably waterproofing and flooring), this project reaffirms the identity of the square by giving it a more plant-like, tree-lined and fluid dimension, while maintaining its friendly and attractive appearance, and by relying in particular on two works of art, key elements of the square's décor: Calder's "Red Spider" and Miró's "Fantastic Characters".

The unification of the ground, the demolition of the steps, the creation of two lifts to the Centre car park and the lighting of the square will simplify and fluidify pedestrian traffic as well as that of people with reduced mobility, particularly at the exit of public transport.

Phasing of the works

The initial works were carried out in phases and by sector, starting with the peripheral areas of the square and finishing with the central part. Traffic will therefore be maintained throughout the works. The first stage, from March 2021 to July 2022, will involve reconfiguring the northern area around the Maison de La Défense and Calder's red spider, as well as an area around the RATP glass roof, with work taking place at night so as not to interrupt access to Cœur Transport during the day. Today, it's the central square that is being renovated as the final phase of the project. In September 2023, employees and residents alike will be able to enjoy a renovated square with new plants and street furniture.

Our commitments for a low-noise worksite

  • Pedestrian circulation will be maintained during the construction period.
  • The working hours during the day comply with the regulations in force: 8am - 5pm.
  • Some work can only be carried out at night, however the schedule has been designed to limit the duration of this work to the strict minimum.
  • Sensors will be installed in order to control the noise level of the works.
  • The construction company undertakes to clean the surroundings of the site regularly and to use noise-reducing machinery whenever technically possible.

If you have any questions about the project or the construction site, please contact us:

Three questions to Arnaud Dupré, in charge of the operation for Paris La Défense.

Will the new coverings be non-slip?

In order not to catch dirt and to be easier to maintain, the floors will be smooth. However, slip tests have been carried out and the floors comply with current regulations.

Will there still be seats left with the removal of some stone benches and mastaba?

Yes, part of Emile Aillaud's benches will be preserved. While the mastaba steps will be demolished to make it easier to move around the access to the metro, seats will be recreated on the edges of the planters installed in the new "living spaces" around the works of Calder and Miró, and an elliptical wooden bench will be installed at the level of the "medallion".

What happens to the works?

Calder's Red Spider and Miró's Fantastic Characters are the identity of the Square, and the works will be enhanced by the nearby green spaces. Christine O'Loughlin's Arc Déplacé is not retained in the development project to meet the wishes of the artist who did not wish to reintegrate her work into the lawn. There are currently no plans to install a new work in this area. Fabio Riéti's The Face cannot be preserved. Indeed, in order to install the new lift battery that will enable the Indigo car park to be reached, the work must be removed.