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Altiplano - Removal of trees in the vicinity of the construction site

Dec 7, 2020 - Jan 31, 2021

Paris La Défense accompanied by the Botanica group, analyses the evolution of vegetation and tree growth regularly throughout the La Défense area.

Near the Altiplano site and the residence of the Tour Ève, ten trees will soon be removed for several reasons: phytosanitary, safety, site right-of-way. Some explanations below :

  • 7 trees (birch) on the edge of the Altiplano property development and in the immediate vicinity of the Tour Eve residence have been identified as failing (perishing due to high heat, soil constraints) - photo 6/7 location plan.
  • 1 tree that could pose safety problems - photo 4 location plan.
  • 2 trees located on the site right-of-way of the Altiplano site access boom, as well as the future temporary pedestrian bridge - photos 2 and 3 on location plan. As compensation, the company plans to replant two trees at the end of its work.

Know that Paris La Défense is very vigilant on the issue of vegetalisation on its territory. A flowery meadow will be planted from next February. Located in the garden at the foot of the future temporary footbridge, it will be composed of 50% wild flowers and 50% wild grasses. And by 2023, 24 trees will be replanted in public areas and more than 230m² of additional green space will be added to the existing area.

The company BOTANICA, in charge of the artwork for Paris La Défense and ORFEO, will do its utmost to reduce nuisance during its intervention.

The provisional schedule is as follows:

  • From 17 December:

    • Removal of 2 trees in the garden at the corner of the Atlantic Tower/Altiplano.
    • Pruning of 1 tree in the garden on the Altiplano side / Rue Jean Moulin
    • Removal of 1 shaft on the square at the corner of the Atlantic Tower/Altiplano
    • Pruning of 1 tree on the screw at the corner of the Atlantic Tower/ Altiplano
  • Current January 2021:

    • Removal of 7 shafts on the EVE tower side
    • Removal of plantings in the Altiplano bank planters (Boieldieu side)
  • During February / March :

    • Planting flowering meadow in the garden (see location plan)
    • Planting of two trees (see marking plan)

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