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Altiplano - Removal of trees in the vicinity of the construction site

Jul 1, 2021 - Sep 30, 2021

Launch of the worksite (reminder of key dates)

The cleaning and removal of the Altiplano building's facades took place in 2019, and the site installations for the deconstruction and reconstruction work were carried out in 2020 by the PETIT company, a VINCI CONSTRUCTION FRANCE subsidiary.

Work in progress

Since May 2021, the partial deconstruction of the superstructure has progressed (deconstruction of the building's transverse wings and the cores of the main wings) and structural reinforcement work has been started in the building's warehouse levels.

About 90 people are currently working on the site.

The pedestrian routes around the site are illustrated below:

Work planned for the summer

The following works are planned from July to September 2021:

  • Completion of the deconstruction of the superstructure by the end of August 2021
  • Assembly of 2 of the 4 cranes planned for the site
  • Work in the warehouse spaces under the forecourt:
    • Reinforcement of beams
    • Deconstruction of floors and beams
    • Casting of floors

Reminder of the means of communication available to you during the works

An information panel at the entrance to the worksite and a touch-screen terminal have been set up to keep you informed throughout the works of major events on the site.

In addition, a mailbox and an e-mail address are available daily to collect any comments or requests for information.

Periodic newsletters are also distributed by the company PETIT in your mailboxes in order to keep you regularly informed of the progress of the works. These newsletters can also be sent to you by e-mail if you wish. In this case, you just need to leave your details with the works team via the letterbox or the following email address: