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Projects WATT and ASL RIE

Nov 23, 2020 - May 31, 2021

As part of the renovation work on the Delalande Défense property complex, two separate renovation projects are being carried out in parallel in the same area:

  • The WATT rehabilitation worksite for the WATT office building, which is currently underway and for which the project owner is SOGEPROM,
  • The ASL RIE project to rehabilitate the Inter-Company Restaurant and the forecourt of the property complex is in the start-up phase and the project owner is the Association Syndicale Libre de l'ensemble immobilier, represented by its Director, the company Dauchez Payet.

The purpose of this site information is to present the progress of each of these two projects, and in particular: the work in progress, the road rights-of-way, the nuisances to be expected and the commitments made to limit these nuisances.

1. WATT project

Since our last riverside newsletter distributed last August, activity on the site is still very dense.

The LEON GROSSE company has adapted its operating methods to limit the emergence of noise on the structural works and the occasional demolitions that remain to be done.

We therefore reaffirm our commitment to favour noise-reducing machines and methods such as sawing, coring and the use of a coring machine rather than a BRH (where technically possible), bearing in mind that the demolitions should be completed by the beginning of December 2020.

The end of the main artwork cycle is scheduled for mid-December 2020, and the installation of the facade blocks should begin in November 2020 and be completed in May 2021.

At the same time, the technical and architectural trades are progressing inside the building.

Despite the installation of a new containment system, but in accordance with government regulations, the Watt construction site remains open.
We are applying all barrier measures in order to allow production to take place in complete safety.

Noise pollution planning

The next period of noise disturbance will be the demolition of the last façade beams and the demolition of the floor for the creation of the staircase. For this phase we are doing everything possible to limit the nuisance and use suitable methodologies. These last demolitions will be punctual.

You will find below a provisional schedule of the coming noise and the areas concerned for the next 2 months.

As some of the work could not be carried out during the week, the company LEON GROSSE was forced to open the site every Saturday in November. We apologise for the inconvenience caused during a weekend.

We are at your disposal for any further information you may require:

2. Construction site ASL RIE

The project

In addition to the rehabilitation of the WATT building, the Inter-Entreprise Restaurant and the forecourt of the property complex are being rehabilitated by the Association Syndicale Libre de l'ensemble immobilier Delalande Défense.

The provisional timetable

The dredging and depollution work having already been carried out, the work will start at the end of 2020 and will be completed by the end of 2021. They will be carried out by Pradeau Morin, a general contractor, and will begin with demolition work on the first basement of the former RIE.

Prior to the start of work, a first phase of site installations will begin in mid-November 2020. In particular, this phase will make it possible to install the site's palisades and billets on the forecourt. During this first phase, limited daytime disturbances are to be expected.

We will come back to you in a future newsletter when the work starts in order to inform you about the main phases of the construction site, and in particular those that could potentially generate nuisances.

We can nevertheless assure you that everything will be done to carry out the artwork while limiting any vibration, noise or dust nuisance.

Construction site facilities

Given the location of the forecourt in the property complex, and in order to facilitate supplies to the worksite while limiting the impact on the surrounding area, authorisations for the right-of-way have been obtained from the city and Paris La Défense for this worksite. Two road rights-of-way will therefore be required:

A first right-of-way on the Rue Henri Regnault side, for which pedestrians will be diverted to the opposite pavement.

A second right-of-way (in green) on the boulevard side. Circular for the delivery area, which will require closing the pavement on the worksite side between Albert Gleizes Avenue and Henri Regnault Street while ensuring the diversion of pedestrians on the opposite pavement. A temporary traffic light will also be installed on the boulevard. Circular to allow trucks to exit the delivery area.