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New landscapes: a walk in the heart of the Axis

Oct 30, 2020 - Mar 31, 2021

From this autumn, 13 large above-ground landscape planters will be installed within the axis. Mediterranean gardens or wet gardens, water mirrors, flowers or dense foliage will now accompany the existing walks, hoping that these new unusual landscapes will surprise you!

This experimental scheme, planned to last at least 3 years, consists of creating ephemeral gardens in the heart of the Esplanade. The experiment will allow you to test out some of the arrangements, but above all to set the pace for the gradual transformation of the historical axis.

150 young trees planted on the fringes
960 m² already arranged under the plane trees
13 gardens in tubs from 80 m² to 168 m².
5 months of work

Provisional calendar and installation modalities

  • October
    • Slab and floor surveys
    • Unbolting of 14 benches
  • From November onwards: Progressive installation of planters, benches and solariums
  • March : End of the building site

The planters will be assembled, filled with soil and planted on site. The watering systems will be connected to the Esplanade's watering system, which winds under the slabs.

The materials have been chosen for their durability and their ability to be recycled when the installation is dismantled. As this project is a temporary installation, intended to be dismantled once the final work on the Park has begun on this section of the Esplanade, it has been designed to be fully recyclable. The plants will be replanted elsewhere.

Our commitments for a low nuisance site

  • Pedestrian traffic will be maintained for the duration of the construction site.
  • Construction site hours will be in accordance with local regulations.
  • There will be no night work.
  • The construction company undertakes to clean the area around the site regularly and to use noise-reducing machinery whenever technically possible.

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