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Enhancement of the Aigle Gateway

Sep 22, 2020 - Jul 31, 2021

Paris La Défense has undertaken a major reflection to improve the links between the business district and the cities of Courbevoie and Puteaux. One of the priority projects consists of renovating and enhancing several emblematic footbridges in the area.

This project has a twofold objective, that of both restoring structures damaged by the passage of time and restoring the overall coherence and identity of the footbridges of Paris La Défense.

The world-renowned architecture firm DIETMAR FEICHTINGER ARCHITECTES was commissioned by Paris La Défense to rehabilitate these structures, because in addition to the technical renovation, it also involves enhancing the aesthetic value of the works. Thus the footbridges will benefit from new coverings, illuminated slabs and night lighting to improve user comfort (particularly for people with reduced mobility).

What does the work on the footbridges consist of?
Technical renovation consists of repairing the concrete and rainwater pipes, renovating the waterproofing and coatings, completing the railings and replacing the lighting, to ensure the durability of the structure.

How long will the work on the footbridge take?
The work, which will begin in October 2020, is estimated to take nine months.

What impact will the work have on you?
The work will take place both on and under the footbridge.

Some of the work on the footbridge will require the complete closure for pedestrians and cyclists traffic as of October 5th for several weeks in order to complete the work as quickly as possible.

A diversion is being put in place:

Under the footbridges, the work may require a right-of-way that may occasionally impact on motor traffic. They will cause limited noise pollution.

Our commitment to a low nuisance worksite

  • Work schedules will be arranged to concentrate the inconvenience on certain time slots and to avoid generating a continuous nuisance throughout the day. The noisiest tasks will therefore be concentrated in the 9am-12pm and 2pm-4pm time slots. Night work will take place between 10 pm and 5 am and will generate low and very specific nuisance.
  • The use of jackhammers will be prohibited at night.
  • The construction company undertakes to regularly clean the surroundings of the site and to use noise-reducing machinery whenever technically possible.

Listening to your needs.
Paris La Défense will be at your disposal throughout the project. You can contact us by email at the following address: