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Rose de Cherbourg - Puteaux

Jul 1, 2021 - Sep 30, 2021

As part of the development of the [Rose de Cherbourg] sector (, which will provide a new destination for Paris La Défense by 2022, several worksites are underway. We would like to inform you as much as possible about the nature of the planned interventions and the nuisances sometimes caused.
Please note that the companies will do everything in their power to reduce these nuisances as much as possible. If you have any questions about the Rose de Cherbourg project, please contact us at the following address](

Work in progress

1. Viaduct B

► Work in progress until the end of 2021 ► Objectives: Located above the Avenue du Général de Gaulle, Viaduct B, which has been inaccessible to traffic for several years, is being renovated and fitted out. The replacement of the support apparatus (completed) required the creation of temporary supports (scaffolding) under the structure to lift the 6000-tonne deck in one go. The paving, planting, lighting and railings have yet to be completed.

2. The area around the Curve building

  • Intervention from mid-July to the end of August
  • Objectives: to develop the surroundings (public spaces) of the Curve/le Cap building. The company's intervention is planned for the avenue du Général de Gaulle and the rue Félix Pyat. The rue Félix Pyat will be closed at times between mid-July and mid-August (see the blue right-of-way on the plan below).
    • Nuisances to be expected: the first week of work will be noisy with the demolition of existing pavements.

3. Rue Louis Pouey (between the demolished bridge and Avenue du Général de Gaulle)

  • Intervention: ongoing until early 2022
  • Objectives: to repair the pavement on the road and the pavements
  • Nuisances: reduction of the roadway from two to one lane during the summer

As a continuation of the work undertaken on the installation of the railings on the RATP side of the footbridge, Paris La Défense plans to close the Félix Pyat footbridge from 12 to 23 July 2021.

At the beginning of the school year

  1. The Rose de Cherbourg park
    • Intervention: Autumn to summer 2022
    • Objectives: Bring together the scattered green spaces in the area to form a single park. Introduce more vegetation. Bring the paths up to standard to make it easier for everyone to get around.


At the same time, work is continuing on the area around the Hekla Tower (5) and on the Circular Boulevard (6).

For any questions about the project: