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Modernization of covered tracks: work in progress

May 27, 2024 - Jul 31, 2026

Paris La Défense is continuing to modernize its covered lanes to bring them up to standard (safety, lighting, ventilation) and to create new cycle paths. As part of this project, work is currently underway on the two main Bâtisseurs and Sculpteurs lanes under the La Défense axis, linking the Pont de Neuilly to the La Défense traffic circle. Other construction sites are also active in the area (Michelet, developers' sites, etc.).

Possible traffic jams: Motorists are advised to avoid the La Défense traffic circle during morning rush hours, and especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and to give priority to soft modes (bicycle paths) and public transport.

Please note: Since May 6, a new station located beneath the CNIT has been home to the RER E, consolidating the region's transport network with its ["La Défense Grande Arche"] station( Traffic will gradually increase until the end of 2024.

To find out more:

  • The "voie des Bâtisseurs", located under the Courbevoie axis, will be accessible to bicycles during the Olympic Games, to ensure continuity of cycling to and from the Pont de Neuilly. The two-way cycle path is scheduled to open on June 17. This link will replace the temporary circular boulevard path, which will then be removed and, following a decision by the French government, converted into a reserved lane. At the end of the Games, the reserved lane will in turn be removed and turned back into a cycle track. Paris La Défense will then resume modernization work on the voie des Bâtisseurs (laying of the final asphalt - completion in 2025).
  • The voie des Sculpteurs under the Puteaux-side axis will see the opening of a two-way cycle track in 2026.
  • At the intersection of these lanes, the La Défense traffic circle is currently undergoing work to integrate a new cycle path linking with avenue Gleizes. It will be accessible in advance of the Olympic Games (from June 17) and will be permanent.

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