Les Extatiques: contemporary art in the open air

Les Extatiques: contemporary art in the open air (c) Martin Argyroglo

Les Extatiques at Paris La Défense

The open-air contemporary art exhibition was conceived in 2018 by Fabrice Bousteau for Paris La Défense to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the La Défense district and to integrate art as a means of creating links, pleasure and seduction. Since then, thanks to its success, Les Extatiques has become an unmissable event for art lovers and the curious.

An extraordinary artistic journey, born of the encounter and exchange between the region and the artists. A poetic, atypical journey, designed since its 3rd edition to be experienced from the gardens of La Seine Musicale in Boulogne-Billancourt to the Esplanade de La Défense, where the experience of the ultra-urbanism of the high towers leaves room for creation, for the discovery of certain places, to feel the little-known beauty of the La Défense district.

Les Extatiques, to venture, step by step, to discover works of art that challenge our senses, transform our vision of reality, of everyday life, change our perspectives and lead us to look at places differently.

Improbable works of art that "break the codes", that play with time and scale, and transform the mineral landscape of La Défense for a confusing walk where the freedom to look, to be enthusiastic or to criticize is de rigueur.

The works, located in the open air, are accessible to all while respecting the sanitary instructions, notably social distancing. So don't hesitate and be ecstatic!

Les Extatiques 2021, from 24 June to 3 October 2021!

Les Extatiques

Les Extatiques, the contemporary art exhibition of Paris La Défense © Martin Argyroglo

For its 4th edition, the exhibition returns with a selection of works of art, some of them created especially for the event, to make you ecstatic... because this year's theme is ecstasy.

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In 2020, the open-air contemporary art exhibition "Les Extatiques" took place from 26 June to 4 October, and for the first time, the Hauts-de-Seine department co-produced the edition with Paris La Défense, increasing the artists' playground from the esplanade of La Défense to the gardens of La Seine Musicale.

Several artists installed their works on the roof of the Jardin Bellini and on the Parvis de La Seine Musicale, downstream from the Ile Seguin in Boulogne-Billancourt in the Hauts-de-Seine.

Entitled "Rien à voir" (Nothing to see), the 2020 exhibition featured some twenty outdoor works, most of which were created especially for the occasion. Once again, Fabrice Bousteau was in charge of the artistic direction, composing it as an extraordinary journey between the territory and the artists, in the heart of Europe's leading business district.

As a common thread between the two exhibition sites, the artist Fabrice Hyber has installed HommeFemme [ManWoman] at La Seine Musicale, and small green characters in Takis' Bassin [Basin], whose body orifices pour out streams of water. As if to tell us that nature is always taking over.

This edition was able to deal with health restrictions and social distancing.

If you missed this exhibition, you can now discover or rediscover the essential works of this edition of Les Extatiques 2020, a virtual stroll through 3 artistic paths on different types of media: photos, audio, video, archives.
There is really nothing to see on our page: Opengallery

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In 2019, for the second edition, the theme of the contemporary art exhibition Les Extatiques de Paris La Défense was air and wind.

Nine artists, still under the artistic direction of Fabrice Bousteau, had taken possession of the Esplanade de La Défense to, once again, consecrate the La Défense district in Paris as a district of art and life.

You loved this stroll through 9 stunning works of art made of air, water, sculptures, photographs and engravings. An invitation to breathe easy, to change air.

An inflated exhibition, the closing of which has been integrated into the Nuit Blanche programme.

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Created by Paris La Défense in 2018 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the business district, the contemporary art exhibition Les Extatiques aims to bring poetry to this unique cultural territory.

For this first edition, no theme is proposed, just 108 days of artistic journey accessible to all, proposed in the public space, to enrich our perception of the place.

A surprising multi-sensory experience where music, cinema and contemporary art meet and which continues today thanks to the Public Bench, a work by Lilian Bourgeat on which we rediscover our childlike soul, or thanks to the original sound trail proposed by the artistic collective Soundwalk Collective.