La Défense Jazz Festival returns in 2024

La Défense Jazz Festival - 2022 (c) Julia Brechler

It is THE most popular musical festival in the capital and an event not to be missed under any circumstances! It is especially the first jazz festival of the 2024 season which will take place once again on the Place de La Défense from June 24th to 30th. A must-see event to start the summer off right!

The festival will propose in 2024 a new series of concerts, on Paris La Défense in the open air. You'll love the lunch and evening events at La Défense, punctuated by completely free concerts. At lunchtime and in the evening afterwork at the time of the aperitif, will succeed one another various artists resulting from varied musical horizons, a musical stroll, magic moments for all the lovers of jazz and music, to be listened on the grasse. A unique and free event not to be missed to celebrate the arrival of summer with a sunny break in music!

In 2024, 47th edition of the "La Défense Jazz Festival" in Paris

The 47th edition will take place once again in the open air with an eclectic program around big names of the musical scene and also beautiful discoveries.

Whether you're a music lover or not, whether you're into jazz, hip-hop, electro or world music, there's no doubt that this program will not leave you indifferent. It is an opportunity to discover or rediscover the great names of contemporary jazz, jazz legends and urban music.

Organized by the Hauts-de-Seine department since 1977, the National Jazz Competition of La Défense is considered the most prestigious in France. All the "Jazz" trends can participate, it is a real springboard for the groups or instrumentalists; the numerous winners of the previous competitions have since led brilliant careers. At the same time, the first edition of its namesake, the La Défense Jazz Festival, was held in 1992.

Are you part of an emerging jazz band and do you live in France? You are not afraid of performing in front of thousands of spectators? Register at the 46th La Défense National Jazz Competition, which is open to emerging jazz groups of all ages and nationalities. The prizes awarded to the winners range from €1,500 for an instrumentalist to €5,000 for a group, not to mention the prestige of making a name for oneself on a renowned music scene while participating in a high-level competition.

These will perform on the stage of the Defense Jazz Festival. Who will have the honor of walking on this ephemeral stage installed at the foot of the famous towers of the La Défense district?