Make way for the bicycle escalator

It's official, the bike escalator is coming to the parking lot Centre of Paris La Défense!

We all know the pain of the pedal hitting your ankle while carrying your bike down the stairs... Well, we have the solution! Since today, users of the Medallion staircase on the Place de La Défense have been able to use a bicycle escalator to access the bicycle area in the Centre car park.. The area, which can currently accommodate up to 60 bicycles, will soon be expanded to accommodate 150 people.

This small revolution consists of a mechanical chute that can be adapted to all types of bicycle tires, from the thinnest to the widest, in which you can slide the front wheel of your bike. On climbing, a sensor detects the presence of the bike, activating a "treadmill". On the way down, there are no carpets but brushes that will prevent your horse from running down the slope too quickly. It will even be possible to adjust the speed of the belt to adapt it to the cyclist's average walking pace.

Not stupid, is it?

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