Rudders to improve signage at Paris La Défense

Rudders Paris La défense

It can sometimes be difficult to find one's way through all these towers and buildings... That's why the public institution is experimenting with an innovative signage system until February 2023: the rudder!

**A simple solution for finding your way around***.

Installed both on the Place de La Défense and at the foot of the Alto Tower, on the Zaha Hadid esplanade, the rudder aims to help users navigate through complex territory.


It works in a simple way:

  • Identify your destination in the legend and locate the associated sector number,
  • Turn the rudder to place the sector number in front of you.

The map rotates and gives you the best possible orientation to get to your desired location! The itinerary becomes easy to visualize thanks to the cartographic representation, visible on both sides.

A device in experimentation
We need your help to evaluate the efficiency of the rudder!
A questionnaire to collect your opinions and ideas on this device is available via a QR code on the rudder or on the internet.

To answer the questionnaire on the rudder of the Place de La Défense

To answer the questionnaire on the helm of the Zaha Hadid esplanade

An award-winning innovation
Implemented since September 2022, this solution, eco-responsible and without connection, was developed by the French company Viamouv. This new signage system has even won the Janus de la Cité 2022 prize, awarded by the French Institute of Design.

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