Q-Park launches two new passes for more flexibility!

Employee in La Défense

Q-Park France announces two innovative commercial offers in order to adapt more closely to the expectations of users and their new working methods.

After having committed itself in favor of soft and electric mobility, Q-Park France now wishes to propose solutions adapted to the new working modes of the employees. Indeed, in a context where telecommuting is becoming more and more popular, Q-Park offers more flexible solutions to allow you to pay the right price for a subscription adapted to your needs.

Two new subscriptions

Alongside the classic 7x24 subscription, Q-Park has created :

  • The "3-day" Telework Pass: this will allow you to access the parking lot on 3 fixed days per week. If you need to use the parking lot outside your subscription, don't panic, it will be possible! The time spent on the base will simply be billed to you in addition.
  • Flex packages", with a fixed number of hours to be used each month: 120-hour and 140-hour packages are offered to employees working at La Défense.

These new products are being introduced at Paris La Défense as part of the contract awarded to Q-Park France to manage the largest parking complex in Europe. Paris La Défense will thus be the first business district in France to offer parking solutions for employees adapted to new ways of working.

To learn more about Q-Park's offer in Paris La Défense: https://www.parkingsparisladefense.fr/fr-fr/

An innovative company

As a company committed to making cities more fluid and pleasant, Q-Park France continues to innovate to take into account societal and environmental changes. Using non-polluting materials for construction, installing recharging points for electric vehicles, energy-saving devices in parking lots... Q-Park is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of its activities and decisions.

To learn more about Q-Park France: https://www.q-park.fr/fr-fr/

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