Bicycle paths in the covered lanes

As an experiment and to accompany the deconfinement phase, Paris La Défense has obtained the agreement of the Prefect of the Hauts-de-Seine for the circulation of bicycles in several lanes located under the Parvis de La Défense: the La Défense roundabout, Avenue Jean Moulin and the Bâtisseurs et des Sculpteurs lanes. This experiment strengthens the offer of cycle paths implemented since the deconfinement.

A necessary alternative
In order to meet health requirements and provide easier access by bicycle to the business district, Paris La Défense has begun to create bicycle facilities, in consultation with companies on the site.
The covered lanes, located under the slab and until now forbidden to bicycles by prefectoral decree, will allow more than 60,000 potential employees to directly serve 21 office buildings and 3 warehouses. The covered lanes will also make it possible to reach the slab via 4 bicycle accesses and 5 pedestrian accesses.

Work will be launched in the coming days to open secure tracks in July, accompanied by improvements to ensure everyone's safety: lighting, road signs, ground markings, etc. Monitoring will also be carried out, particularly with regard to air pollution, safety and annoying parking. The experimental phase will be completed in 4 months, with an assessment in October.

A new network
These temporary facilities will be connected to the temporary bicycle paths created by Paris La Défense along Avenues Gleizes, Prothin, Jean Moulin, General de Gaulle, Leclerc Division, Rue Louis Pouey and towards Place Carpeaux.
They will be connected to the facilities created by the Hauts-de-Seine Department, the DIRIF and the City of Courbevoie along the Boulevard Circulaire Nord, the Pont de Neuilly, Avenue Gambetta and the RD913.

See the map of the cycle paths

Bike access map to Paris La Défense

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