The pedestrian signage of Paris La Défense is changing to facilitate your journeys.

Pedestrian signage Paris La Défense Mai 2021© Paris La Défense leblueduck Florence Delaby

Paris La Défense is developing its pedestrian signage to make it easier to find your way around the area.
The last BVA study carried out by the establishment had shown that the orientation of pedestrians within the district still needed to be consolidated. Now, with the new pedestrian signage, everyone can find their way around better!

Pedestrian signage Paris La Défense May 2021 © Paris La Défense

Among the main changes, the new signage highlights the Main Axis as a separate sector, in addition to the five other sectors (North Arch; South Arch; West Arch; North Esplanade and South Esplanade). Each of these six sectors is associated with a landmark building to facilitate their distinction. In addition, the colour code has been simplified in line with the visual identity of the business district.

The new pedestrian signage uses landmark buildings and remarkable places whose visibility facilitates the orientation of pedestrians who might feel lost in this vast territory marked by architectural objects.

A first level of location thanks to 6 landmark buildings

Global plan of the pedestrian signage of Paris La Défense © Paris La Défense leblueduck Florence Delaby

The Grande Arche, Paris La Défense Arena, as well as the T1, D2, Alicante, Chassagne and Allianz One towers, are now present on the new signage. Each of these buildings embodies a geographical sector of the Paris La Défense territory, constituting easily identifiable visual markers for pedestrians.

A second level of location thanks to 6 remarkable buildings and some essential works of art

Local pedestrian signage plan for Paris La Défense © Paris La Défense leblueduck Florence Delaby

The Dôme, the CNIT, the Cœur Défense complex, the Areva, EDF and First towers are also present on the new signage, as well as several emblematic works of art, which are easily identifiable: Bufalino's la voiture sur un lampadaire [Car on the lamppost], César's Le Pouce [Thumb], Calder's Araignée Rouge [Red Spider], Miró's Personnages fantastiques [Fantastic People], Agam's Fontaine monumentale [Monumental Fountain], Takis' Signaux [Signal], Bourgeat's Banc public [Public Bench], Grataloup's Trois arbres [Three Trees] and Moretti's Le Moretti.

Paris La Défense pedestrian signage - discover Open Gallery © Paris La Défense leblueduck Florence Delaby

With 120 additional directional signs compared to the previous system, the deployment of the new signage makes it easier to get to the territory's commercial facilities, green spaces, car parks, taxi and VTC stations and the Espace Info Paris La Défense. It also helps you find your way between the different districts and to and from neighbouring towns.

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