A new low-carbon mixed program for Les Groues

The Groues : Signing a promise of sale with Woodeum. A new generation of uses that will be focused on low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

You know the project Groues in Nanterre ! This future area of 65 hectares, laid out by Paris La Défense, has the ambition to accommodate to a term of not less than 10 500 new residents and 12,000 employees, who will have a service to exceptional with the arrival of the RER E in 2022, and the line 15 of Grand Paris Express in 2030. In short, one of the operations mixed major Ile-de-France !

New step in the realization of this major operation, Paris La Défense has signed, on Tuesday, October 22, a promise of sale with Woodeum for a property located in the district Hanriot, residential sector main Groues. This signature includes the construction of a 8-storey building with 93 units, 1690 m2 of office space, 700 m2 of shops, a shared garden on the ground floor and a green roof. With this new program it is now 30 % of the programming of the Groues, which is engaged.

In fact, two signatures are engaged on two residential lots 53 400 square meters and 10 600 square meters, within the sector Hanriot (Lamotte / Brémond and BPD Marignan / BNP Paribas real Estate), the Archipelago, the future headquarters of Vinci (74 000 square metres), the projects Okko Hotels (10 000 square meters) and "In Defence" (10 000 square metres of offices), whose work was launched last September.

All of this will be labeled BBCA (Buildings Low-Carbon) to meet the high environmental ambitions of the district.

The future users of this residency will benefit and be of the daily well-being benefits of wood constructions, which help to fight global warming ! In fact, bio-sourced and recyclable, wood stores carbon instead of emit it. It will enable the building to actively participate in the reduction of carbon emissions.

This book, 100% wood and head, superimposed on the uses in a single building designed by Michael Green, canadian architect of international renown and a pioneer of the use of the solid wood CLT in construction. It will be associated on this project to the agency Calq.

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