TOP 5: Projects that end in 2020

This year, the landscape is really going to change! Discover our top 5 projects for public spaces or real estate that will be delivered in 2020. Believe it or not, Paris La Défense will be a real eye-catcher!

In perpetual transformation, Paris La Défense will continue to amaze, surprise and seduce you... We work daily to imagine new, modern and pleasant public spaces, as well as to encourage the arrival of innovative buildings. While waiting for the projects to come, here is an overview of the five deliveries to follow this year!

Cœur de quartier / Nanterre

With the Cœur de Quartier project, the whole area between the Cité des Provinces - Françaises and the University of Paris-Nanterre is completing its transformation. Since 2015, the metamorphosis is almost complete, including the delivery of several lots and two student residences. A total of 70,000 m² of construction is now in the process of being completed. Offices, new brands, restaurants, housing, a cinema and, of course, public spaces! See you in the summer of 2020 for the official inauguration.

Trinity Tower / Courbevoie

How do you define Trinity Tower? Let's say 140 metres high, 33 floors, 49,000 m² of work space, 3,500 m² of urban green spaces, 1,500 m² of terraces/loggias... And yes, just that! The Trinity Tower, resolutely innovative, offers inspiring and alternative experience places to host the organizations of tomorrow. It offers modular and evolutionary spaces for total freedom and creative interaction. Its heart of life is animated by the movement of the panoramic elevators, punctuated by convivial terraces where employees meet to exchange or relax while enjoying exceptional views. In two words Trinity is a lively and welcoming tower. Delivery planned for the first half of 2020!

Saint-Gobain Tower / Courbevoie

More than just a new headquarters, the new Saint-Gobain Tower will be an emblem. At the beginning of this year, the 49,000 square meters high tower will accommodate no less than 2,700 employees spread over 44 floors. It also boasts 1,100 square meters of balconies and terraces on each floor. The group is aiming for an exemplary level of environmental quality and a very comfortable working environment for its employees. Designed by the Valode & Pistre architectural firm, the tower, created specifically for Saint-Gobain, is a large glass sculpture. An assembly of three parallelepipeds, superimposed and staggered in space!

Alto tower/ Courbevoie

Although its name might make you think so, the Alto Tower is not the largest in the area, but it's still amazing! The 37-storey, 150-metre high building replaces the Seasons office building. The tower stands out with a façade dressed in a glass-scale dress. But its main feature is its flared shape, with a base smaller than its top. For a better understanding, the variation in levels ranges from 700 square meters at the foot of the tower to 1,500 square meters at the top!

Table Square / Historical axis

To be discovered soon in the heart of the esplanade of La Défense! Facing the Agam Basin and at the foot of the Cœur Défense and EDF towers, this new project is totally dedicated to gastronomy. Table Square comprises 4,500 m² divided into three pavilions, an 800 m² terrace and a large central square of 800 m². On the restaurant side, several big names in gastronomy are announced, such as the multi-star chef Anne-Sophie Pic, who will set up her gourmet canteen "Daily Pic". Not bad, isn't it?

To be continued: Our Top 5 works of art to be discovered in 2020 at Paris La Défense.

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