The known real estate stock to the nearest square metre!

A partnership between Paris La Défense and ImmoStat reveals the reality of the park per square meter. We'll tell you more.

A year ago, Paris La Défense and the founding members of ImmoStat (BNPPRE, CBRE, C&W and JLL) initiated a process to improve quantitative and qualitative knowledge of the La Défense office park. What is the purpose of this initiative? Quite simply in order to refine knowledge of the business district and its surroundings, integrated into the OIN of La Défense (Operation of National Interest).

By pooling all available resources and expertise, including field surveys, the working group has made it possible to produce reliable data on the scale of office buildings.

Thus, the total office stock of the OIN of La Défense amounts to 3,740,000 m² at the end of 2019, including 3,490,000 m² located within the ImmoStat perimeter of La Défense (core area). It comprises 125 office buildings, including 61 IGH (high-rise buildings). It is also estimated that 26% of the portfolio has been delivered in less than 10 years (new or restructured surfaces), which allows the La Défense buildings to offer a very high and modern level of services.

In order to follow the development of the area, the working group will continue its collaboration. To be continued...

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